Protect your .NET code and IP with SmartAssembly

.NET applications can be easy to disassemble if they haven't been obfuscated. SmartAssembly is an obfuscator that helps protect your application against reverse-engineering or modification, by making it difficult for a third-party to access your source code. (Please note that like any obfuscator, SmartAssembly cannot stop someone cracking your software if they are determined to do so. However it can add a barrier of protection instead of providing the source code on a plate.)

If your entire business rests on the IP embodied in your software or you don't want your C# or VB.NET code exposed internationally, then obfuscating your code becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

Before obfuscation Before obfuscation After obfuscation After obfuscation

Before and after obfuscation

With SmartAssembly, you get access to a comprehensive set of obfuscation features, including name mangling, control flow obfuscation, strings encoding, reference dynamic proxy and declarative obfuscation. It takes 5 min to download and install, so why not try it on your own application now.

Stack trace with values of local variables

Automated Error Reporting

Want to identify unforeseen bugs within hours or days of shipping? SmartAssembly offers the most efficient way to get customer feedback on your application. End-users can send in detailed error reports at the click of a button, allowing you to deliver faster fixes and improve your software in a way that will make a real difference to your customers.

Dependencies merging

Merging DLLs into one executable

Want to embed DLLs into one executable to simplify the deployment of your application? SmartAssembly offers Dependency Embedding and Dependency Merging to help you package your application into one file.


SmartAssembly is licensed per machine, meaning per build server or per production machine (any machine you use to produce release builds) and is available in two editions (Standard and Pro).

Priority technical support is available via telephone and email when you buy a Support & Upgrades package for 25% of the product's purchase price. Learn more about purchasing options.

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SmartAssembly is licensed per production build machine (any machine you use to produce release builds).

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Technologies supported

SmartAssembly can protect your Winforms, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET applications and more. It can also be integrated into build processes using MS Build or the command-line.

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