Simplify SharePoint development

look inside any .NET code

SharePoint APIs and libraries aren't always well-documented, or exposed in the way you need. But that doesn't have to be a problem.

With .NET Reflector you can look inside the SharePoint assemblies and understand exactly how they work.

  • See how code works

    Look inside

    Create better controls, WebParts, and features by seeing how they work, and how the code runs.

  • fix bugs by enabling debegging in Visual Studio

    Fix bugs

    Track down the source of errors in your own code or the SharePoint libraries.

  • Find unexposed and undocumented functionality

    Get insight

    Find out what methods to call and how they work, without relying on documentation.

Learn more

Example: Debugging SharePoint customizations with .NET Reflector

A simple example of debugging an unexpected SharePoint error by looking inside the code.

Working with HTTP modules and page validation

Working around “The security validation for this page is invalid” errors, when setting the AllowUnsafeUpdates property.

Debugging into SharePoint – enabling local variables in hosted assemblies

A walkthrough of how to view local variables in SharePoint w3wp hosted assemblies

How developers are solving their problems with .NET Reflector: