Find and fix bugs, fast

Decompile, understand, and fix any .NET code,
even if you don't have the source

Look inside any .NET code

  • Debugging your application
    • Follow bugs through your application to see where your problems lie – whether it's in your own code, third-party libraries, or components used by your application.
  • Understand how applications work
    • Inherited applications with little or no documentation or comments are hard to develop. Use .NET Reflector to understand how the code runs and avoid bugs.
  • SharePoint and other third-party platforms
    • Like many third-party platforms, SharePoint APIs and libraries aren't always well-documented. With .NET Reflector you can look inside their assemblies and see how they work and which APIs you can call.

Code smarter with .NET Reflector

.NET Reflector saves time and simplifies development by letting you see and debug into the source of all the .NET code you work with.

Development is increasingly dependent on third-party technologies – using available frameworks and libraries is a great way to get stuff done fast without re-inventing the wheel.

But the problem with using code you didn't write is that you're dependent on the documentation, and it's hard to debug. Documentation is often missing or incomplete, and debugging has to stop where your own code stops. This gets even worse with a legacy code base. Use .NET Reflector to look into the black box of missing or undocumented source code and start coding with confidence.

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EVERY DEVELOPER NEEDS THIS TOOL. The ability to step into third–party code including Microsoft SharePoint Server assemblies opens up new possibilities and lets you understand what Microsoft's APIs are doing. … You can step right into their code and see what it happening, all from Visual Studio. This knowledge lets you build better applications, and provides insight into undocumented APIs.

Daniel Larson, Software Architect, NewsGator Technologies
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.NET Reflector is available in 2 editions or as part of our .NET Developer Bundle.

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How .NET Reflector can help you

Makes all .NET code readable

.NET Reflector is an extremely fast debugging and decompilation tool that lets you look inside code, even when you don't have the source. Track your data flow through third party libraries and frameworks like ASP.NET, Silverlight, and Enterprise library.

.NET Reflector lets you debug third party code in visual studio as if it's your own. Discover whether bugs are in your code or in third party components, and make development on platforms like SharePoint and Umbraco easier. Generate PDBs, attach breakpoints, and debug live to see how your application behaves in real time.

Build checking and code recovery

Make sure you're shipping the right code, and that your code is protected. Check that the right versions of the right components are present, and use Reflector to look at the final code you're shipping and ensure your obfuscation is effective.

Missing or corrupted check-ins can leave you with an executable but no source code. Source code can also be accidentally deleted or corrupted, and backups can fail. Reflector lets you look inside DLLs and .exe files so you can understand how apps were built, and start to reconstruct missing code.

Standard edition features

  • Use .NET Reflector to decompile assemblies


    Decompile, browse, and analyze any .NET assembly to C#, VB.NET, or IL.

  • The .NET Reflector desktop application

    Desktop Application

    Use the standalone application to explore and navigate decompiled code

  • The .NET Reflector search filtering in the desktop application

    Search filtering

    Get results as you type and find what you're looking for easily.

Debug and decompile inside Visual Studio

  • Use the VS debugger screenshot

    Use the VS debugger

    Use your regular debugging techniques on any decompiled assemblies as if they were your own using the Visual Studio debugger.

  • Debug third-party assemblies screenshot

    Debug third-party assemblies

    Generate PDB files for decompiled assemblies and save them so you only need to enable debugging once for each assembly.

  • Dynamic decompilation screenshot

    Dynamic decompilation

    Assemblies decompile seamlessly in Visual Studio so source code is always available for your libraries.

  • Use VS shortcuts screenshot

    Use VS shortcuts

    Use F12 to “Go To Definition”, F9 to “Set Breakpoints”, and F11 to “Step Into” any decompiled code.

  • C#5 decompilation screenshot

    C#5 decompilation

    .NET Reflector supports C#5 and .NET 4.5 so you can decompile and learn async code at the same time.

  • Browse assemblies screenshot

    Browse assemblies

    .NET Reflector VSPro adds the Reflector Object Browser into Visual Studio. Use the tree view to navigate through code.