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The .NET Toolbelt is our complete set of .NET developer tools

It gives you and your .NET development team everything you need to rapidly write, optimize, and debug your application, then securely release it to your users.

Once you're software's out there, you'll get quick feedback about bugs, shortening development cycles and helping you to build software your users will love.

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Save 40% on the individual price of the tools when bought with the .NET Toolbelt

Tools included in the .NET Toolbelt

ANTS Performance Profiler Pro

Get a complete picture of your application's performance and find bottlenecks in the code or database.

ANTS Memory Profiler

Find memory leaks within minutes and optimize the memory usage of your C# and VB.NET code.

.NET Reflector VSPro

Understand and debug any 3rd party code, including frameworks, components, and libraries.

.NET Demon

Get super-fast builds and see errors as you introduce them with continuous intelligent background compilation.

SQL Prompt Pro

Strip away the tedium of coding in SQL with auto-completion, reformatting, and refactoring.

SmartAssembly Pro

Receive instant, rich bug reports whenever an error occurs, and protect your code against disassembly with powerful obfuscation.

Is the .NET Toolbelt for you?

  • The .NET Toolbelt is our most comprehensive .NET tool collection.

  • When you buy the .NET Toolbelt, you get our complete set of tools for a fraction of the cost of buying them individually.

  • With all six powerful tools in place, you have immediate access to exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • The .NET Toolbelt also includes up to 100 SmartAssembly Developer Edition licenses, allowing entire teams to easily share access to bug reports.

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