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Purchased individually=$1,185
Bundle price=$995

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Software quality is a big deal. Especially for professional developers and testers. So we're offering the full .NET Developer Bundle for a fraction of the price of the individual tools, so that you can:

The .NET Developer Bundle includes:

$995 per user
Buy the bundle and save 35% off the individual tools.

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We had some reports which took as long as 5 minutes to fully load. We used ANTS Profiler to find the bottlenecks. After fixing the problems, those reports loaded in under 30 seconds! That's a 1,000% improvement in response time. ANTS Profiler saved us weeks of tweaking code that really didn't need it. It took us straight to the specific areas of our code which were the cause of our performance issues.

Terry Phillips, Sr. Developer, Harley-Davidson Dealer Systems