Practical Performance Profiling (Microsoft MVP Jean-Philippe Gouigoux)

Jean-Philippe Gouigoux, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Technology Specialist, discusses performance profiling for .NET.

This presentation is a must-see for anyone who is new to profiling, and is based on content from Jean-Philippe's new, free eBook Practical Performance Profiling (right).

Jean-Philippe discusses the basics of profiling in developer-level detail, covers client and server-side profiling, and illustrates classic issues and patterns by demonstrating profiling on a real world application.

You'll come away with nuggets of knowledge presented to you by .NET's very best profiling expert.

A Q+A session with Jean-Philippe follows the presentation.

Practical Performance Profiling eBook The webinar is based on Jean-Philippe's eBook, Practical Performance Profiling

Failure to launch: Code, Upload, and Explode (Microsoft MVP Jeremiah Peschka)

Microsoft MVP Jeremiah Peschka

Before you load your valuable ASP.NET application into a rocket and aim for the cloud, let's do a sanity check. How do you handle bandwidth shortages that never let your app reach orbit? What happens if you need more speed to haul all these users up? If your uptime flames out, how can you easily plan for splashdown?

Moving an ASP.NET application to the cloud may not be as difficult as putting someone on the moon, but there are a lot of places where something can go wrong. In this session you'll learn how to handle the limitations of a purely virtual environment, measure performance and identify bottlenecks, and deal with the changing availability of resources.

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