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We had a severe performance drop in one of our modules. And we found the reason after 2 minutes with your tool! I’m excited, we need it.

Christian Schaefer, Software Developer, Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH

It's one thing to write software that compiles and "works". It's an entire other ball game to write software that performs and scales. ANTS Profiler can help you achieve that goal in a very big way. Red Gate's ANTS Performance Profiler 6 is easy to learn to use and the features are both robust and intuitive. I can confidently recommend this product to any professional developer who is interested is producing high-performance, scalable applications.

Peter Bromberg, Eggheadcafe

ANTS Performance Profiler does what it says on the tin and finds code bottlenecks very quickly, displaying them in an easy to understand format.

Ryan O'Neill, Developer Fusion

Without a tool like ANTS Profiler, code optimization is often more of an art than a science. Time spent optimizing code is often wasted unless the targeted code is a clearly identified bottleneck, and trying to guess which parts of a program run most slowly is typically an exercise in futility.

Steve Orr, asp.netPRO

I have had a performance issue for a few days now and tried to pinpoint the cause using my brain and simple debugging tools. I made the purchase for ANTS and within 30 minutes, including installation of the license key, had the issue identified and fixed!

Martin Altenstedt, InHill Software

I don't know how I ever developed enterprise software without the ANTS profilers. They have saved me weeks of effort and paid for themselves many times over. Fantastic products!

Gerhard du Toit, KIT Limited

I didn't need your help getting started with ANTS because the short introductory notes got me straight into it. I found the performance bottleneck I was looking for in about 5 minutes. ANTS Performance Profiler has been one of the best developer tools I've used in years. The performance and the user experience stand out.

Bruce Belson, Director, Planatech Solutions Ltd

The profiler allowed us to precisely identify critical bottlenecks in our system, that has resulted in an absolutely staggering performance increase! As an example c# object validation code that previously took 4 seconds now takes 0.02 secs. Thats a 200 fold increase :)

800 dollars is really a small price to pay and gave us a big ROI. Thank you Red Gate!

Allan Rasmussen, Technical Software Engineering

Over the weekend, we rolled out a few speed improvements to the Stack Overflow engine. First, we did a quick pass with ANTS Profiler and identified a few places where redundant or unnecessary database queries slipped into our code. We like to do this every few months on common pages as a sanity check.

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Jeff Atwood, Stack Overflow

ANTS Performance Profiler was an answer to our prayers. We were developing a high-performance "comet" library for IIS, but the throughput was nowhere near where we wanted it to be. The profiler gave us the insight necessary to locate bottlenecks, trim fatty code, and turn our application into a well-oiled machine.

We wrote our own custom JSON parser to replace the third-party library whose performance was not up to par. Many potential threading enhancements were discovered and implemented. Details on HTTP request and response times showed us where to improve near our application boundaries. All in all, we went from 5000 messages a second to well over 25000 in our test

We tried several performance profilers, and ANTS was the only one that gave us the level of detail and accuracy we needed to get serious results.

Anton Jerod Venema, Frozen Mountain Software

ANTS Profiler took me down to which methods and which lines were taking the time. We now get through the full 9 million rows in 2 to 3 days – at least 5 times faster!

Ryan Garaygay, LWSMedia

ANTS Profiler saved me half a day's work already after looking in the wrong place for a method that was causing my app to slow down terribly!

Stefan Perkins, Development Analyst, Mitrefinch LTD

The low overhead means it has minimal impact on the execution of my program.

Mark Everest, Development Team Leader, Renault F1 Team Ltd

We had some reports in our appointment scheduling module which took as long as 5 minutes to fully load. We used ANTS Profiler to find the bottlenecks. After fixing the problems, those reports loaded in under 30 seconds! That's a 1000% improvement in response time. ANTS Profiler saved us weeks of tweaking code that really didn't need it. It took us straight to the specific areas of our code which were the cause of our performance issues.

Terry Phillips, Sr Developer, Harley-Davidson Dealer Systems

ANTS Profiler delves right into the code and identifies laggy and non-optimal sections so you can easily find them and write them better. We've been using IQueryable a lot lately, being the hottest new thing on the LINQ scene, but it was creating some major hold ups on our busier sites. In less than an hour, using the ANTS Profiler cut request times down by as much as 80% in some extreme cases. We just kept re-analysing the code until everything was satisfactory. What an eye-opener!

Timothy Hustler, Web Developer, Creative Jar Ltd

My trial with ANTS Profiler was excellent.

I had been pulling my hair out for three weeks with a performance issue and the Visual Studio / Team Suite Performance Tools couldn't handle it. They just kept blowing up on me. So, I tried ANTS Profiler. I installed it and found the problem in less than 30 minutes! After practically going insane for three weeks.

Outstanding tool. I love the thing.

Rich Mershon, CTO, BlackRock Technologies

I have tried several other profilers, and ANTS Profiler is by far the easiest, most flexible, and fastest way to find bottlenecks in your code. We found three major performance improvements in one of our new applications within the first 10 minutes of using ANTS.  Don't let the low price fool you.  It's worth its weight in gold.

Scott Fletcher, SVI Healthcare

Many software development teams, when faced with performance problems in their application, think they know what is causing the performance problems and spend vast amounts of time changing their code in an attempt to fix the problem. Quite often, major structural and architectural changes are made, which destabilize the application and require a massive retesting effort. This approach is risky, time consuming, and will rarely solve the performance problems at hand.

ANTS Profiler takes the guesswork out of performance analysis by providing a simple, easy-to-use interface to identify the real performance hotspots. Time and time again, the developer's intuition about what's slow was wrong, and the performance hotspots identified by ANTS Profiler are actually quite simple to resolve. For these reasons, I highly recommend the use of ANTS Profiler for .NET development teams of any size.

Derek Mitchell, Senior Consultant, ThoughtCorp Inc.

Our company was looking for a tool to profile a medium-sized WinForms application. I had tried a few different open-source and commercial packages, and was getting a bit frustrated with the instability of these packages and the erroneous data some of them were reporting. I downloaded the ANTS Profiler expecting more of the same, but it blew my expectations out of the water. Its simple interface helped me to identify trouble spots in the code quickly, and the results were surprising: many of the hot spots were in places I would not have guessed without the tool's guidance.

In the end, we were able to improve performance in parts of the application up to 10x, and our customer noticed the results. A powerful, instantly understandable profiler. Highly recommended.

Dan Ports, Lead Developer, Intrigma Inc.

The ANTS Profiler is an essential part of every .NET developer's tool belt. It has saved our teams countless hours of fumbling around in the dark, chasing performance and capacity problems. Its ability to handle web applications, along with other project types, is especially nice.

Jeff Pek, Software Engineer, Autodesk

We ran Profiler across our newest web service to identify performance bottlenecks. It identified 3 lines of code that took 80% of the time. They were all XPath queries, which in isolation take no time, but with each of these executed over 800 times for our simulation, the tool showed these lines for the evilness that they were. Thanks to this tool, the simulation execution reduced from 300 sec to 40–50 sec, and we have now also bought a 5-user license.

Robert Slaney, SEEK Limited

ANTS Profiler is much simpler to use than other .NET profilers that we have evaluated. It gives you the information that you need to make educated optimization decisions without distracting you with features that might never be used. With its ease-of-use and friendly pricing model, ANTS Profiler has already proven to be a great investment for us.

Joshua Gall, Vice President of Microsoft Technologies, Digital Visions Inc.

Your ANTS Profiler paid for itself in the first 10 minutes after downloading and installing.  I had a performance problem, but I didn't know where it was: the first run of the profiler showed me exactly where it was. Subsequent runs showed me where I could focus my performance boosting work. I had looked around before trying ANTS free download and the ability to get the job done rapidly was a key discriminator: the ANTS Profiler delivered the goods.  This is not a tool that gets in your way: I had the results, without reading documentation, within minutes! This is an invaluable tool to have in your programming tool chest.

David Takahashi, Group 1 Software (Pitney Bowes)

Just dropping you a note of thanks for the ANTS Profiler. We have found it invaluable in our performance tuning tasks for our custom .NET applications and components/controls. The recent integration into the Visual Studio 2003/2005 IDE environments makes the product, already a winner, even better.

ANTS Profiler has saved me and my company countless amounts of time over the years and most definitely performs better than advertised. To anyone on the fence I would say run, don't walk and buy it.

Lonnie Allen Watson, Chief Technology Officer, Tidgewell Associates, Inc.

Within four hours of downloading and installing ANTS Profiler, we've managed to cut about 30% of the execution time of a print function that was taking too long to complete. I can't see how we would have found the bottleneck as fast without the clues provided by ANTS Profiler performance profiling.

ANTS Profiler helped us take away 30% of time spent in that particular function. In time units, we're talking about a 0.2 sec gain, which is kind of nice for a routine that is called once for every ticket that is printed in an app used to sell tickets for arenas with up to 20k seats.

Ulf Lundgren, Chief Technology Officer, Transticket
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