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ANTS Performance Profiler is available in a Standard or Pro edition, or as part of the .NET Developer Bundle.

.NET Code Profiling Standard* Pro Bundle
Profile .NET executables, ASP.NET web applications, Windows services, Silverlight, SharePoint, Windows Store apps, and COM+ server applications – including multi-threaded applications
Line-level timings (instrumented profiling mode)
Sampling mode, for minimal-overhead profiling
Attach to a running process
Timeline: get real-time feedback on your application's performance and select interesting regions to focus your profiling results on
Call Tree: auto-expands to highlight the worst performing stack traces
Save and export profiler results
Profile C#5 async code
Call graph view: visualize all callers and callees for a selected method
Integrated decompilation: get source code and timings for third-party and framework methods  
Command-line access  
Profile child processes  
Database Call Profiling Standard Pro Bundle
View SQL query strings, timings, and hit counts in the call tree  
Profile calls to all SQL Server versions, including Express and Compact  
Profile calls to Oracle databases  
Profile calls to MySQL (or MariaDB)  
Profile calls to PostgreSQL  
Profile calls to databases hosted in the cloud (Amazon RDS and SQL Azure)  
Understand what .NET code led to queries being executed  
Web request profiling Standard Pro Bundle
View your application's outgoing http requests  
See request and response header information  
Relate web requests to the .NET code which caused them to run  
File I/O Profiling Standard Pro Bundle
Dedicated file I/O view: see what files have been accessed  
See disk read / write speeds for individual files  
Incoming HTTP Request Grouping Standard Pro Bundle
View timing data and hit counts for inbound HTTP calls to any ASP.NET application  
See methods in your ASP.NET app grouped by the HTTP requests that triggered them  
Investigate performance problems related to specific web pages  
Profile More Standard Pro Bundle
ANTS Memory Profiler: find memory leaks and understand how your application uses memory    
.NET Reflector VSPro: debug third-party code in Visual Studio    

If you have any questions about which version is right for you, feel free to contact us.

*The Standard edition can only profile methods with source code (ie it will not profile Microsoft framework methods or 3rd party components). It uses PDB files to find out if you have the source code, so you will need the PDB files to see your performance data.

Part of the .NET Developer Bundle

.NET Developer Bundle

Get ANTS Performance Profiler as part of our full performance optimization and debugging package to help you develop fast, high quality web and desktop applications, and save 35% on the cost of the individual tools.