Improve application performance: profile .NET code and database calls

Case studies

How ANTS Performance Profiler Saved my Hide

How Graham Russon, IT manager and senior developer at a financial institution in Cape Town, used ANTS Performance Profiler to resolve an urgent crisis with their payment processes.

Content and performance drive Citywire website success

The financial news website Citywire, has high expectation for the speed of their site. A major factor in delivering that speed is finding performance bottlenecks and fixing them. For .NET analysis, Citywire turned to ANTS Performance Profiler.

Why one .NET vendor relies on another for finding critical performance bottlenecks

Software company Syncfusion use ANTS Performance Profiler to deal quickly with the troubleshooting cases that are most likely to result in major time and resource sinks.

Optimizing my client and server with ANTS Performance Profiler

Senior Developer Jonathan Evans used ANTS Performance Profiler to optimize the performance of his C# server and command-line client.

Multi-tier performance tuning with ANTS Performance Profiler

.NET developer Jeremy Jarrell explains how he was able to work out whether his performance bottleneck was code related, disk related, or database related, using ANTS Performance profiler.

Using ANTS Performance Profiler to speed application performance

Ryan Garaygay found some significant slow-down in his data processing time and needed to regain tighter control of the Business Intelligence process. He recounts how he managed to increase the performance of his application by more than 5 times and shares the lessons he learnt.

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