Instance Retention Graph

The Instance Retention Graph in ANTS Memory Profiler displays the complete chain of references which is causing an instance to be held in memory.

Instances of .NET classes are kept in memory if other objects in memory reference them. One of the most common .NET memory problems is for objects to continue referencing instances which are no longer needed, preventing the .NET Garbage Collector from freeing the chunk of memory they occupy.

The Instance Retention Graph helps you:

Learn more about understanding why instances are held in memory with the instance retention graph.

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What do people think?

It allowed me to track leaks where WinDbg was awful to deal with.

Vincent Molines, Developer, Web100T

I purchased ANTS Profiler as I knew I had a memory leak in my code and I could see this with Task Scheduler. It would have taken me weeks to find the cause but, 2 hours after installing ANTS Profiler, the problem was solved; it paid itself off on the first day I used it.

Graeme Elliott, Lead Architect, Spirit Software Solutions