Frequently asked questions

What is the latest version and how do I download it?

The latest version of ANTS Memory Profiler is 8. If you are a new user, you can download it for free, and try it for 14 days. If you are a current customer, you can upgrade to the latest version by performing a Check for Updates from the Help menu of the program.

How much will it cost me to upgrade to the latest version?

To find out about upgrade pricing, please see our page about upgrading.

I have downloaded the latest version but don't want to upgrade. Can I revert to my previous version?

ANTS Profiler 4.x, and ANTS Memory Profiler 5, 6, 7, and 8 can run side by side without any problem. You can have a 14-day free trial of ANTS Memory Profiler 8, even if the trial for ANTS Memory 7 has expired.

I haven't completed my evaluation and would like to extend my trial period. How can I do this?

Again, this is possible. Please contact us for further information.

What are the license conditions?

Visit the licensing page on this website to read full license details.

Does ANTS Memory Profiler work with .NET 4?

Yes, ANTS Memory Profiler works with .NET 4.

Can ANTS Memory Profiler 8 provide information about unmanaged memory usage?

Yes. ANTS Memory Profiler 8 collects full information about the managed heap, including the Large Object Heap, and information about unmanaged memory usage.

How do I profile an application that uses WCF?

WCF is simply a library that can be used by various types of application. For example you could have a desktop, or ASP.NET, client using WCF to communicate with a Windows Service server. WCF can also be used to create peer-to-peer applications. You should profile the appropriate application type for your client or server, or for your peer application(s). You can profile both client and server at the same time by starting up two separate instances of ANTS Memory Profiler 8, one to profile the server, the other to profile the client.

Can I use ANTS Memory Profiler 8 with Sharepoint?

Yes. Setup instructions can be found right here.

I'm having problems using the attach to process feature with a .NET 4.0 assembly. What can I do?

Before you can attach to a running .NET 4 process, you must disable concurrent garbage collection in your application's configuration file. This is necessary because ANTS Memory Profiler needs to be able to monitor garbage collections and it cannot do this if garbage collections are taking place in a different thread. Please follow the instructions here to do this.

Where's the Class Reference Explorer gone?

From ANTS Memory Profiler 7, a new Instance Categorizer was introduced, which in the majority of cases will make finding problems easier than when using the Class Reference Explorer. You can still use the Class Reference Explorer by selecting to view All References instead of Categorized References in the Instance Categorizer screen. More information is available here.

I'm having problems profiling ASP.NET applications in Web Development Server on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 using ANTS Memory Profiler. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you need to use Run as Administrator to profile Web Development Server applications on Vista and Windows Server 2008. However, if you do this, you should experience no problems. Just right-click on the ANTS Memory Profiler executable, open its Properties and set it to always run as administrator.

Can ANTS Memory Profiler profile an application I am developing for a mobile device running Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework?

Managed-code Windows CE applications cannot be profiled at this time. However, once Microsoft create a code instrumentation API for the Compact Framework, support for CE will be re-evaluated.

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It allowed me to track leaks where WinDbg was awful to deal with.

Vincent Molines, Developer, Web100T

I purchased ANTS Profiler as I knew I had a memory leak in my code and I could see this with Task Scheduler. It would have taken me weeks to find the cause but, 2 hours after installing ANTS Profiler, the problem was solved; it paid itself off on the first day I used it.

Graeme Elliott, Lead Architect, Spirit Software Solutions