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Create better performing .NET Applications

  • Profile managed and unmanaged code
  • Find memory leaks
  • Optimize memory usage
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.NET developers use ANTS Memory Profiler to:

  • Find memory leaks within minutes
  • Optimize the memory usage of your C# and VB.NET code
  • Profile your code's use of unmanaged memory
  • Create better performing, less resource-intensive applications
  • Available as a standalone tool or as part of our .NET Developer Bundle

Why ANTS Memory Profiler?

Automatic memory management in .NET makes development a lot easier, but it's still easy to introduce memory leaks into your application. For example, forgetting to unregister event handlers can lead to significant chunks of memory being held on to unnecessarily, but spotting that this is happening can be very difficult.

Trying to understand memory problems without a suitable tool can take hours or days, if you're lucky enough to know a problem exists. This is time which would be better spent fixing the problem.

A tool every .NET developer should use

ANTS Memory Profiler makes memory profiling simple. With it, you can:

  • Obtain clear, meaningful results, making it easier for you to interpret the information. Spend your time fixing problems instead of struggling to understand them.
  • Get results fast – with a footprint of less than 32 MB, the profiler can comfortably profile large, complex applications, with virtually no overhead. Take as many snapshots of the heap memory as you like, in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Quickly visualize the relationship between your objects – use the instance retention graph to quickly see why your leaking objects are still being held in memory. You don't have to build a mental map to keep track of how objects reference each other.
  • Go straight to the source of the problem - intelligent analysis highlights the most likely causes of issues, often saving hours of problem-hunting.
  • Zero in fast on the causes of memory leaks – powerful filtering options allow you to cut through the noise, enabling you to quickly get to the root of even the most complex problems.

If you're programming in C# or VB.NET, and you need to understand where your memory is going, give ANTS Memory Profiler a try. It takes five minutes to download, install, and start using the tool.

"It would have taken me weeks to find the cause but, two hours after installing ANTS Memory Profiler, the problem was solved; it paid itself off on the first day I used it."

Graeme Elliott, Lead Architect, Spirit Software Solutions

ANTS Memory Profiler is an incredible, seriously awesome product. A great little tool for finding out what parts of your code take the most time/resources. I have spent countless hours in debugging garbage collection issues, where I had no idea where I was heading. This tool showed me a systematic approach to debug web based application and find memory leak. Any issue that I was debugging for months was resolved in matter of days. Thank you Red Gate!
Mayuresh Sawardekar

I was blown away by the interface and by the quality of information I was able to discover. I've since recommended it to a lot of friends. This is an excellent program, even by Red Gate standards!
Jon Galloway, Herding Code

I was trying to locate memory leaks in our WPF application and was evaluating tools for helping me with this task. I was having a hard time finding a tool that performed reasonable well until I found the ANTS Memory Profiler. I downloaded the tool and it just works. The performance and analysis capabilities are far superior to any of the other tools I have looked at and I find it very intuitive to use.
Lau Bakman, Software Architect, Gladstone Health & Leisure, Denmark

I just checked out that new memory profiler and that is freaking sweet! We have a known memory leak that took me about 4 hours to find using our current tool, so I fired up the new version of yours and went at it like I didn't know the leak existed. Not only did I come to the conclusion much faster, but I found another one!
Aaron Smith, IT Manager R.C. Systems, Inc.

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  • Instance retention graph quickly allows you to see the shortest reference paths to all GC roots, which will need to be broken to fix memory leaks.
  • Profile unmanaged memory use – if your .NET code uses unmanaged code or components, you can see how much memory unmanaged modules and classes are holding on to.
  • Compare any two snapshots with each other. Support for snapshots up to 4GB.
  • Ability to take and analyse an arbitrarily large number of memory snapshots.
  • Automated API for taking snapshots from within your application using a single line of code.
  • One-step setup dialog.
  • Capable of attaching to a running .NET4 process. Ideal if you want zero downtime and to preserve the state of your current process.
  • NEW: Assembly loading view to let you explore memory consumption from static and dynamic assemblies. Find out more.
  • Ability to profile .NET executables, ASP.NET applications and web services in IIS, IIS Express, and Web Development Server, SharePoint 2007 or 2010 collections, Silverlight applications, Windows services, COM+ applications, and XBAP applications.
  • Native Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) support.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013, so you can start profiling your application from within your IDE. One click launches ANTS Memory Profiler within seconds, with the executable path already set.
  • Supports .NET 1.1 to .NET 4.5, in any language supported by the .NET framework.

System requirements

See the full list of system requirements on our Documentation site.



  • Getting started with ANTS Memory Profiler

    A quick look at some of ANTS Memory Profiler's features, and how they take the pain out of memory profiling.

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  • Understanding the Summary Screen

    A short guide to how the Summary Screen can help you understand memory problems faster.

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  • How to use the filters

    A short demonstration of how you can use the filters to speed your search for a memory leak.

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  • Using the Instance Categorizer

    A brief introduction to how the Instance Categorizer can help get right to the root cause of memory leaks.

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  • Clive Tong

    5 Misconceptions about .NET Memory Management

    In this webinar, Clive Tong discusses 5 of the most common misconceptions about .NET memory management. He's joined afterwards by ANTS Memory Profiler lead developer Andrew Hunter for a Q&A session, where they answer questions about how memory management works.

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