Tools for .NET Developers

Performance Optimization and Debugging

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.NET Developer Bundle

Boost application performance and
release high-quality software

Contains these 3 performance optimization and debugging tools:

ANTS Performance Profiler

ANTS Performance Profiler

Identify bottlenecks and optimize the performance of your application.

ANTS Memory Profiler

ANTS Memory Profiler

Find memory leaks and optimize the memory usage of your application.

Reflector Pro

.NET Reflector

Browse, analyze, decompile and debug your .NET code

Obfuscation and Automated Error Reporting



.NET obfuscator to protect your IP; plus, Error Reporting functionality to help you ship stable software by getting early user feedback. Learn more.

Build as you type in Visual Studio

.NET Demon

.NET Demon

Continuously compiles your code in Visual Studio, so you see errors as they're introduced, and get super-fast builds.
Learn more.

Red Gate supports Glimpse


A client-side glimpse of your server

Glimpse is an open source project that Red Gate is proudly supporting. It allows you to debug your website right in the browser. Learn more.