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Red Gate makes tools that bring the benefits of continuous delivery – safe releases, efficient development, fast feedback – to your database.

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Our tools plug into software you probably already use for your applications: source control systems, build servers, and release management tools. They handle specific challenges for developers and DBAs, like preserving the state of the database, so automating deployments becomes possible.

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  1. 1 Download the SQL Developer Bundle

    The SQL Developer Bundle contains the end-user tools you need for database continuous delivery – SQL Source Control, SQL Compare, SQL Data Generator, and SQL Test – in a single installer.

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  2. 2 Download the SQL Automation Pack

    The SQL Automation Pack contains SQL CI, which you can use to configure database continuous integration for any CI server.

    It includes a TeamCity plugin and TFS MSBuild scripts powered by SQL CI to make configuration even easier.

    The SQL Automation Pack also comes with command line versions of other tools needed for database continuous delivery, including SQL Compare, SQL Test, and SQL Data Generator.

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  3. 3 Visit our documentation site

    Learn more about our tools, including worked examples, troubleshooting tips, licensing information, and release notes.

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"Creating a well-designed database delivery process is vital to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency." Grant Fritchey, Product Evangelist at Red Gate
"Building a database delivery process allows me to respond at any time to requests from developers or clients to make and deploy changes they need." Steve Jones, Editor-in-chief of
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