The Scripts

SQL Scripts Manager contains over 25 scripts to simplify everyday SQL administration jobs. All of the scripts below are available for you to use to help automate common troubleshooting, diagnostic, and maintenance tasks. 

The Scripts
Back up database Backups in last 'x' days Blocking transactions
Buffer cache hit ratio CPU-intensive queries Database file I/O waits
Database files: size and space used Execution plan cache Export INSERT templates
Export 'Procedure call' templates Export SELECT templates Export 'Table-valued function' templates
Export UPDATE templates Index fragmentation Index maintenance
Install Ola Hallengren Maintenance Solution Integrity check Last good backup
Object read and write statistics Partitioned table count Performance counter hit ratio
Ping multiple machines Server CPU utilization Tables without a clustered index
Top resource waits User login audit Version and uptime for an instance
Who is running what?
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