Deploy multiple scripts to multiple
servers with just one click.

Why use SQL Multi Script?

Designed to speed up database administration for DBAs and database developers, SQL Multi Script enables fast and easy execution of multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers.

A range of features are included in SQL Multi Script to assist change management across your SQL Servers. Whether you want to deploy a script, or fetch data from multiple databases on different servers in parallel, SQL Multi Script saves you time by significantly reducing the steps needed to complete your task.

Screenshot of SQL Multi Script Execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with just one click

You can configure personalized lists of databases, whether they are situated in test, production or QA environments, to which you can quickly deploy specific scripts.

SQL Multi Script also enables easy querying of your databases with an intuitive interface that includes additional features for faster editing.

SQL Multi Script is licensed per user and is available in three different server editions: 5-server, 10-server and Unlimited. The Unlimited-server edition enables you to execute your scripts against any number of SQL Servers at one time. A 1-user, Unlimited edition license costs just $619.

Please see our pricing sheet, browse our Shopping Cart or contact the sales team if you have any questions about the pricing combinations available.

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SQL Multi Script is licensed and priced per user, with server editions. Volume discounts are available.

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