SQL Monitor Roadmap

In Development

  • Reliably monitor segregated networks & geographies, and scale horizontally to multiply the number of servers that can be monitored, by having multiple base monitors feed into a single UI
  • Ability to configure and filter alerts, so that over time you can train SQL Monitor about which things are and aren’t important to you
  • Improvement to VM host monitoring


  • Build capabilities helping with proactive estate management, e.g. capacity planning, future problem prediction
  • Integration with DLM Automation

Improvements to Maintenance windows

Further improvement to VM host monitoring

Future Candidates

There are a number of things that we are considering for future development. Contribute to our Uservoice channel to make sure your voice is heard. Suggest improvements for future versions and vote for your favorite ideas submitted by others.

If you have an insight into one of the items on our current list please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.