Read how other users have benefited from the compression, encryption and verification available using SQL Backup Pro.

The main thing that I love about SQL Backup Pro is the fact it just works! There is no messing around, no hacking together, it just works as soon as you open the box. It's easy to use and extremely reliable.

One of my favourite features is the centralised management. No matter how many backup nodes you have, you can manage them all from one interface. It makes life so much easier.

Brendan Thompson, .NET developer and Systems Administrator, BT Systems

I'm really seeing the benefits of using SQL Backup Pro over SQL Management Studio. It's a real time saver when it comes to automatically restoring and validating backups. And don't get me started on the compression! I'm able to replicate some quite large databases on 15 minute log shipping schedules over a VPN to our offsite backup server and barely see any bandwidth issues compared to transferring native uncompressed log backups.

Andy Doyle, Head of IT Services, Boston Limited

Red Gate SQL Backup Pro was in use when I arrived in the organization. I learned to use SQL Backup Pro and continued to order licences as the number of servers grew. The big thing was the compression. Even though compression was made available in standard edition of SQL 2008 R2, the bank never adopted that version.

We wanted to standardise our backup regime and not have some backups taken using native SQL Server and some with SQL Backup Pro. Consistency is a good thing when you're managing lots of servers. Protecting the backups is important so the encryption built into SQL Backup Pro is solid. The password protection available in native SQL backups isn't really protection at all.

Brent McCracken, Technical Lead, Kiwibank DBA team

If only everything in life was as simple as encrypting transaction log backups using Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro.

Kevin Chant, Senior Database Administrator, @kevchant

It has been a great pleasure working with the SQL Backup Pro development team during the version 7 Early Access and Beta programs. Throughout the entire process, the team was very responsive to my requests and suggestions. They demonstrated the utmost professionalism and were very easy to work with. SQL Backup Pro 7 is a great step forward and improves on an already wonderful product. The Early Access Program is another way that proves Red Gate is committed to their customers and faithful throughout their organization to providing outstanding "Kick-Ass Support", as their web site promises.

I heartily recommend all of Red Gate's products and the Early Access and Beta programs to anyone wanting a positive experience with a company who produces great products and truly cares about its customers.

Don Kolenda, Database Administrator, Heritage Academies, SQL Backup Pro 7 Beta Program participant

SQL Backup Pro's compression saved us from complete failure when we re-architected the 150GB database that had grown to 210GB in one quarter, the product prevented us from consuming all available disk space. It now takes us only an hour to build a complete development instance using SQL Backup Pro - it used to take 10 hours - and we can readily transfer our backups in hours rather than two days. As a SQL 2005 shop, SQL Backup Pro is the number one indispensable software tool in our portfolio. As an extremely happy customer of over 7 years in two shops, I can't speak highly enough of SQL Backup Pro and Red Gate

Stephen L. Anslow, Senior Database Engineer, Ameresco Intelligent Systems, SQL Backup Pro 7 Beta user

We were looking for a solution for the usual pesky problems that plague cross-network backups when the databases are more than a few GB in size. SQL Backup Pro was able to cut the backup time for our most mission-critical database by 92%, and provided us with 95% compression during that same time. Built-in network resilience has also effectively reduced our failure rate to zero. Initially, I didn't believe that it was really making valid backups - until I'd done far more test restores than was probably warranted. I'm absolutely amazed at how well it performs.

Kiara Rodemaker, Manager - IT Accounting Services, Czarnowski

After struggling to back up an 800GB SQL database for months I came across Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro. Fantastic tool - easy to use, fast, great compression; it's cut the backup time by hours and the file size by 80%. We're now using it as our preferred SQL backup tool on another similar sized SQL db and rolling it out with a new installation in the near future.

Hazel Cawood, Business Systems Analyst, French Connection Ltd

I am all set with SQL Backup Pro. This single tool has saved me so many hours of time, effort, loads of manual tracking and...oh, the list was endless. I cannot thank you enough for SQL Backup Pro. Great tool, excellent interface, good and useful help pages, and above all, it *works*! I just check it periodically, and I can see at a glance that all my backup plans are succeeding, or not (and they always do).

Peter Warren, Research Bioinformaticist, Children's Hospital Boston

When I recently changed jobs, my first order of business was to reengineer all backup and recovery operations. Using SQL Backup Pro I was able to decrease backup run times by an average of 42% and space requirements by an average of 67%. The network resilience and encryption functionality are added benefits that nearly justify the product cost by themselves. I would recommend SQL Backup Pro to anyone wanting to improve the performance and scalability of their SQL Server backup and recovery architecture.

Mike Eastland, Database Administrator, Uhlig LLC

Impressed is the word! Cut our backup times in half and reduced the space used by 80%! Thanks a lot!

Tobie Dunn, Osiris Trading (PTY) Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa

Red Gate customer service really is to be applauded – everything is always simple and easy with yourselves. We definitely made the right choice for our backup solution.

John Campbell, Intergraph

SQL Backup is an amazing tool that lets us manage and monitor our backups in real time. Red Gate's SQL tools have saved us so much time and work that I am afraid my director will decide that we don't need a DBA anymore!

Mike Poole, Database Administrator, Human Kinetics

I have been working on finding a right backup tool for the SQL Server databases of one of our applications. We had a number of challenges with the native SQL Server backups and after reviewing a few products, we finally decide to go with Red Gate Backup Pro. This post tries to explain the environment and the challenges we were trying to solve using a backup product.

Jacob Sebastian, Beyond Relational.com

Very intuitive. The level of compression is amazing. For the network resilience feature, the number of retries and backup to network shares/SAN drives are excellent options. This utility makes DR work and nightly backups a breeze. The product just works.

Colin Brown, SQL Backup v6 pre-release tester and Microsoft MVP

Network resilience puts SQL Backup Pro 6 at the top of the list of backup tools. It's the cherry on top, and I definitely recommend using SQL Backup over SQL Server 2008 native backups.

William Durkin, Development DBA, ROSEN Technology and Research Center

SQL Backup works very well, and has shaved our backup times + copy backup to another machine immensely. A wonderful product. I would recommend it heartily and I insist that all my clients license it immediately.

Arthur Fuller, SQL Developer/DBA, Artful Database Organization

More testimonials and reviews

Whilst originally purchasing SQL Backup Pro for its well known compression and performance benefits, I would urge all prospective users to look at the network resilience options that were added in version 6. Part of our DR solution utilises frequent log shipping between two geographically separated data centres. When either we performed a product release, or if there was a network drop out on the connecting link between the data centres, we faced issues that required us to perform manual re-synchronisation of the target servers to 'catch-up' the missed log ship events. The network resilience options in SQL Backup Pro effectively 'queue' the files generated in the log ship, and require the target to 'acknowledge' that the file has landed and been processed correctly. This means that both the issues are now handled automatically without intervention, increasing the reliability and confidence in our DR systems and simplifying our processes.

Perry Dyball, ECommerce Operations Manager

We have saved about 70%-80% of our backup disk space with SQL Backup to allow for much future database growth at no cost. The speed of the backup/restore jobs is also much faster which allows us to do some things with our backup/development/test environments that were not possible before.

Eric Blinn, Systems Specialist, Kenan Advantage Group

We've completed our testing of SQL Backup and were satisfied that it meets our goal of providing reliable backups and tracking for all of the SQL Server instances across our organization from a central location at a reasonable price. Your software and, more importantly, your high level of service and feedback have been impressive, and we think SQL Backup and Red Gate software in general should meet our needs for years to come.

Billy R. Moon, Senior Programmer

Having used SQL Server since version 6.0, back in the 90's, I recently purchased the Red Gate SQL Toolbelt. As a real world developer / administrator, I am absolutely shocked at how good this product is. They think of everything. I never thought I would care too much about improving the process of performing a backup and restore, but even that simple task is so much easier with SQL Backup. Ship to the network is a beauty, I spent days previously with batch files to achieve this.

Mark Breen, Margin Business Solutions Ltd

Your slogan says it all: "Ingeniously simple tools."
Everything was so clear and worked so well that we were using it in production long before the trial expired. One thing that shows how much we like this software and how effective it is is that we use it at all. Our backup policy required that we use non-proprietary file formats for all backups. In the case of SQL Server, that meant we were required to use software that created standard SQL Server backup files. However, that turned out to be in conflict with the backup window requirements. We were able to use a variety of techniques to get close, but we were forced to modify either the file format policy or the backup window requirements. After much research we determined that we were going to have to use other software. Red Gate looked like an obvious first choice based on reputation and recommendations and we already had some experience with it. We now hit the backup window easily and SQL Backup is so easy to install and configure that we're not concerned at all with the proprietary nature of the file format. Thanks for a great product!

Ron Porter, Programmer/ Analyst, Crestline

Ease of install, deployment and base functionality. Compression is faster than a competing third-party SQL Server backup tool. Customer service is undeniable, willingness to meet the customer's needs is unsurpassed. Taking responsibility for actions in regards to communication with pricing and warranty – untouchable. You can quote me on that.

Lenny Rollison, Senior Network Systems Engineer, Radiant Systems

SQL Backup works great. I have a couple of database servers that are very low in disk-space. With the compression of SQL Backup, I was able to use a minimal amount of disk-space for the database backups. I would recommend other SQL Server DBAs install and configure this software on their SQL Servers.

Cuong Vo, SQL Server Database Administrator, Louisiana Department of Social Services

The backup created with SQL Backup was faster and 88% smaller than the SQL Server standard. Another advantage over native SQL Server backups is that SQL Backup offers encryption. Encryption is a major issue for us and mandated internally as well as by our clients. The smaller backup size also means I will not have to drive to our offsite data center to get backups of the databases anymore as we can move it safely and quickly down the wire again. The payback now far exceeds what we have paid into it, and we are sold on the usefulness and efficency of each of the tools. Red Gate is a total win for us.

Conan Whalen-McKain, Senior Technical Consultant, Aquilent

I've used SQL Backup Pro to successfully create a log shipping configuration for a 200 GB database. Using the highest level of compression, the database was reduced to 10.5 GB. Since we have a limited amount of bandwidth going to our disaster recovery site, this is a requirement in any tool we purchase. Our second requirement in any third party backup tool is to have built in network resilience. The knowledge that our DR site will not become out of synch due to network disruption makes our purchase of SQL Backup worth the cost.

Matthew Miller, Senior Technical Analyst

I started using SQL Backup because I needed a backup program that would compress the backups while they were being created, so I would have sufficient space to support our databases and have at least daily backups. I evaluated the offerings from the three largest vendors of these products (Red Gate, Quest and Idera) and found that SQL Backup Pro was the best value for money. The addition of the new network resilience feature in SQL Backup Pro 6 has allowed me to remove the extra step from my daily backup processing that copied the local backups to a remote server. During the testing of network resilience, I ran out of space on the destination drive on the remote file server and found that the local backups completed successfully and only the copy operation failed. After cleaning up some space on the file server, the entire operation completed successfully. The other feature that I have found incredibly useful is the option to kill existing connections: the ability for the backup to force close any connections to a database during a restore operation. This has saved me numerous hours. Thank you very much Red Gate for such a wonderful and fully-featured tool. Keep up the good work.

Alex Buttery, Director, Database Architecture and Operations, Impactrx

I was looking for a third-party tool to help alleviate my issues with database backups. I was given a very small backup window and I also needed to have a long retention of database backups on disks. Red Gate SQL Backup solved both my problems - it was able to cut down my backup time significantly AND achieved a 90% compression at the same time! I have been happily using Red Gate SQL Backup since 2007 and I highly recommend this tool to all database administrators out there. Red Gate SQL Backup should have been the built-in tool that came with Microsoft SQL Server!

Joe Cheng, Senior Systems Administrator, OneMove Online Systems Inc.

I have used SQL Server backup compression software for 8 years now. I transitioned from a competitor to SQL Backup 5 mainly due to the innovative user interface. It was ideal for our network operations environment as it presented the enterprise SQL Server backup status on a single, easy to read interface. Since then it has proven to be a highly stable product. Recently, I reviewed a hosted data warehousing server setup and recommended SQL Backup. It achieved almost 90% data compression, and the reduction in per-GB data costs resulted in 100% ROI in just one month! Red Gate products are now a permanent part of my software arsenal and the recent success of the beta of SQL Backup 6 has only reinforced this.

Andy Hughes, Snr SQL Server DBA

SQL Backup has always been a great product – giving significant savings in HDD space and time over native backup and many other third party products. With version 6 introducing a fourth level of compression and network resilience it will be a REAL boost to any DBA lucky enough to use it. I anticipate seeing considerable gains in my backup and DR processes across my domain.

Jonathan Allen, Senior Database Administrator, Careers South West Ltd

I used SQL Backup and found it a brilliant product. I knew native SQL Server backups were inefficient, but I was amazed when I realized how much time and space on disk and tape could be saved even with the lowest compression setting. We could also script SQL Backup to fit in with our existing backup procedures which was an unexpected bonus. When I came to look for another job, several employers asked me about backups during the interviews and I recommended SQL Backup to them all.

Peter Griffiths, Database Analyst, UK

Our overall experience with Red Gate's SQL Backup software has been extremely positive. Since the software had been used by our former datacenter provider to manage all our SQL Server backups and restores, it was the logical choice for us to use for our migration to a new datacenter as well. We were easily able to set up the software, point it at our previous backups, and then restore them to the new location without any loss of business continuity. Completing the restores, configuring mail notifications and configuring new backups was done in a much more user-friendly and straightforward way compared to the internal SQL Server functionality that is geared towards a DBA. With Red Gate's SQL Backup, any system admin can manage the backup and restores. I highly recommend SQL Backup as a very user-friendly tool that eliminates some of the complexity usually associated with these types of database operations. I also highly recommend the software for use during server-to-server or datacenter-to-datacenter migration because of the ease of use and flexibility.

Davin A. Mehrbani, Senior Infrastructure Architect, RiverStar Software

I discovered SQL Backup when attempting to consolidate the backups for our 25 SQL Servers. Using Microsoft's native backup, we were barely able to squeeze 14 days of backups on disk. This presented a problem when we needed to do a data discovery project. The files were backed up to tape and only the month-end tapes were available. This resulted in two weeks of missing data for each month of the analysis.

Using SQL Backup Pro, I was immediately able to expand the on-disk availability to 45 days, which provided adequate overlap for our monthly backups on tape, not to mention the tremendous time savings, and the ability for the agent to automatically notify an administrator of backup failures.

Since then, we have begun using the mirror option, with all files copied to a central server. Currently, I am working to extend the on-disk retention to 90 days with no increase in required disk space, but just changing the schedules of some of the larger backup jobs.

We have been using SQL Backup for over two years now. I have been highly impressed with the organization's support team, as all my questions were either already answered on the online forum, or quickly handled by a representative.

Jeffrey Fogel, Network Administrator, Seminole County Government

When I was first introduced to Red Gate Software by an outside consultant about three years ago, my organization had approximately 150+ databases that we were backing up three times per day. These backups were being done using Microsoft's native BACKUP DATABASE syntax, and they took between one and two hours to complete. Also, these backups totaled nearly 30 GB.
We moved to SQL Backup Pro and saw the time to backup decrease to 20 minutes. The total size of backup decreased to less than 5 GB.

We perform these backups using SQLBackupC.exe, the command line interface.
Today, we have more than 350 databases. We still back them up three times per day. They are all backed up within 27 to 30 minutes. The total size of backup is around 5.4 GB.
I've always been impressed by the speed and the compression benefits of using SQL Backup Pro.

As an added plus, SQL Backup Pro is also very stable. The SQL Backup service rarely ever needs to be restarted. The command line interface runs very rapidly and dependably. I love the way the wide-open command line syntax gives me control over the process so that I can keep the process streamlined.

Red Gate's staff is always helpful and friendly. When given the opportunity, I highly recommend your software to my colleagues in the field. Thank you for great support and for a great product.

Tony Pirkle, Vice President - Technology, TractManager, Inc

SQL Backup is awesome, period. I read about it in a SQL newsletter I receive and decided to try out the claims of reducing backups by 50% in both time and space. I loaded it on a development SQL server and was able to take a database that totalled 130 GB and ran for five hours with normal SQL backup tools to taking up 22.2 GB of space and running for two hours. It worked so well that I gathered some information using the three compression levels and presented my findings to the IT manager. Since we have more than 105 GB on each of our two production SQL Servers, he was very interested in the software. We have purchased SQL Backup and installed it on one production SQL Server. Our seven and a half hour backups each night on that server are now cut down to under two hours and are getting 87% or better compression on the backups. We are very grateful for the shorter backup window and the lower disk space requirements, and we can now increase the number of backups we keep by fourfold.

David Hibler, Jr., Finley & Cook PLLC

We are already a user of the SQL Backup Product, and please pass along my sincere thanks to the product teams and developers. We previously used SQL LiteSpeed from Imceda, and I have to say your product BLOWS THEIRS OUT OF THE WATER in terms of usability, upgradability, ease of use, and performance.

Joe Cruz, Sr. Systems Programmer, University of Pennsylvania

SQL Backup from Red Gate allows us to achieve results that far exceed the native capabilities of SQL Server. SQL Backup is pivotal in supporting the UK's online data repository of newspaper articles fed by the national publishing houses. Our administrative and system overheads have been considerably lowered, our resilience is second to none and, critically, we have received real cost savings as a result.

Derek Colvin, Chief Technical Officer, Newspaper Licensing Agency

I just downloaded SQL Backup 5 and upgraded our servers from version 4. I wanted to let you all know that you did an EXCELLENT job with this upgrade! I am very impressed with the improved functionality that you have provided with this release. The ability to upgrade all of my servers from my workstation is a huge plus and the process has been flawless. I showed our system administrator the timeline feature, and he was so jealous! You guys are awesome! Keep the great releases coming!

John Daniels, Database Administrator, RBC Ministries

I spent some time investigating the various products available to fulfil my SQL offsite backup requirements, and I have been very pleased with my decision to go with Red Gate. The software has by far the most user-friendly, intuitive interface in its class; the backup routines are well-compressed, encrypted for peace of mind and are transported to our server rapidly. The support staff I have dealt with have all been very helpful, professional, and they have worked to help me choose the most relevant product in the range to suit my requirements. I couldn't be happier.

Kieron Williams, IT Manager, Brunning & Price, UK,

Red Gate's SQL Backup 5 is simple to install, easy to use, and is very affordable. The ability to view the status of backups across several servers, using the timeline, allows easy tracking of what's happening. This is a must for any DBA. Red Gate is certainly our preferred backup solution, considering its speed and reliability.

S. Mistry, Database Administrator and beta tester of SQL Backup 5

I want to congratulate your programmers on an awesome upgrade to version 5. It is much easier to edit and monitor jobs.

David Schneider, Application Development, Altus Group

I found SQL Backup to be a powerful tool with an intuitive interface. I particularly liked the timeline monitoring in the GUI, which clearly displays backup schedules for multiple servers, making it easy to identify any backup failures. It's then possible to drill into the details of the job in order to investigate the cause of the problem.

David Cunnington, Software Developer and beta tester of SQL Backup 5

Our production systems have benefited from SQL Backup by allowing us to take snapshots throughout the day in about half the time of a Microsoft native backup, while reducing the impact on our users. Our development staff have benefited by being able to quickly restore a database from production into a test environment.

It is now possible for us to transmit one of our larger database backups to an offsite facility every night. The product is easy to use, extremely efficient, and very reliable.

Here's a quick comparison of backups run in a 'virtual environment' under VMWare ESX 3.0, on Dell Poweredge 2900 dual-core XEON processors.

Type of Backup
Size of backup file
Size reduction
Microsoft SQL Server native backup
Red Gate (High speed compression)
Red Gate (Intermediate speed compression)
Red Gate (Maximum speed compression)

Alan Greenstein , CIO, Hoss Equipment Co.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the pain that SQL Backup has alleviated from my IT department. With a business critical SQL database currently running at over 250 GB, the backup process was long, laborious and unreliable at best. I have searched the web before and even visited your site for info. But, due to my cautious nature, I never really believed the performance claims. Not only were your claims correct, they shattered all expectations that I had.

Now all of my servers are protected using your software. We recently had a disaster recovery situation and Red Gate effortlessly recovered all data and had all departments productive again within a matter of a couple of hours. Keep up the good work, and I will spread the word to all of my IT colleagues.

Gavin Jones, IT Manager, Dee Set Logistics Limited

SQL Backup Pro Edition includes two tools – SQL Backup and SQL Log Rescue – that should be a part of every DBA's toolbox. It was a crucial tool in our backup and recovery efforts surrounding Hurricane Katrina, and will continue to be a vital part of our data security strategy.

Jason Delaune, Tulane University, New Orleans

I just wanted to thank you for a good product at a good price and let you know we are happy with it. We're installed on three machines and I'm busy creating new backup routines to use the extended stored procedure. The first test backed up a 180 GB database over a gigabit network. Two hours later it closed a 31 GB file. The native process ran 7.5 hours and left a 145 GB footprint. I also like the use of SMTP email for notification. It sure beats installing Outlook on every server we want to monitor.

Greg R Bowen, Solutions Development Manager, Pinnacle Data Services

We are very glad indeed with the performance; backing up nearly 30 GB in just over ten minutes with a compression ratio of over 80% is very impressive...Thank you very much for your support and kindness, which, nowadays, is even more impressive than the software's great performance.

Rogerio Citro de Oliveira, Gerente de Business Intelligence / CRM, Close-up España

I would just like to say that I am very selective in utilizing third party software. Red Gate SQL Backup is a great tool. I read a comparison between SQL Backup and three other similar SQL Server utilities. I ran my own testing between [the competition] and Red Gate SQL Backup. SQL Backup not only outperformed but is a great value at a fraction of the cost of [the competition].

I am currently saving over .5 TB in disk storage and tape backup space and have plans for more. I have reduced my nightly backups by 6½ hours combined time. In using this product I managed to put off buying a new LTO2 tape library which would be about a $10,000 saving. It also saved me from having to add additional LUNs on my SAN where I back up to. Thanks for a great product!

Corey Cortez, DBA, Stephens Inc.

I have evaluated and used your SQL Backup product and have found it lived up to all your promises and have just purchased the product. It is efficient and easy to use.

Michael Weidner, M.I.S. Manager, Mistral International Pty Ltd.

Of the products that I evaluated, I like SQL Backup the best ;-))

Bill Dillon, Sr. Database Administrator, Menlo Worldwide

Just downloaded, installed and tested and SQL Backup backed up my data to less than half the size of the standard [SQL Server] Enterprise backup. And the restore was seamless. Very nice application.

Andrew Sutton, MVP

Based on my testing, I'm very impressed with this product. Backup speed and compression are very good and it offers excellent value for money for SQL shops that want to reduce their storage costs.

Jasper Smith, a SQL Server Most Valued Professional (MVP)

After testing major competitors for SQL Backup, I found that it had the simplest interface, best overall speed and best ease of use. It did excellent in cutting backup times by 90% in my testing. Combine these items with encrypted backups, an SMTP mail client, and a great price for our clustered solution. This made it the best tool for our backup needs.

Pat Wright, SQL Server MVP

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the incredible results we have experienced since implementing Red Gate SQL Backup. The combined size of all our SQL Server databases is currently in the region of 900 GB, with the largest of these databases being a massive 750 GB and growing at a rate of 20 GB per month. A full backup usually took about 10 hours to complete [but] since introducing Red Gate SQL Backup, our backup times have decreased to just over 2 hours with an average compression rate of 80%.

In my eyes, this is truly unbelievable in terms of performance improvement and everybody on our project team is amazed, to say the least. In my experience, the Red Gate products are all excellent and are still exceeding expectations.

Martin Schoombee, ETL/Datawarehouse Specialist, Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd

I work for a small bank where the IT team is 'subjected' to frequent DR tests. After being left extremely frustrated having to rely on native SQL backups, I found this tool which we purchased and implemented. Shortly after, the business pulled a surprise offsite DR test on us. We recovered 20 databases (some over 60 GB) in 1.5 hours. What used to take us the entire day, with major stress, is now a pleasure, painless and stress free. Thanks, guys!

Russell Fogg, IT Manager, Rennies Bank Ltd
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SQL Backup Pro is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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