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The network resilience options caught the fact that the drive was unavailable and gave me ten second retry windows until either the backup finished or the backup failed. This new feature alone is going to save many DBAs from their beauty sleep being rudely interrupted in the wee hours of the morning.

Shawn McGehee, Simple-Talk (Review commissioned by Red Gate Software)

When it comes to backups, SQL Server leaves some security gaps. SQL Backup can fill those holes and makes backing up fast, secure and easy. If you want to save time on backups, protect your data and do quick restores, all from a simple GUI, take a look at SQL Backup.

Nigel Stanley, Server Management Magazine

Installing the tool is a snap...The wizard walks you through a simple process to back up or restore your database. During the wizard, you have the option to choose a Full, Differential, or Transaction log backup as well as the ability to encrypt your data. The UI is very intuitive...

Steven Warren, Database Journal

Managing backups, restores and backup files are important aspects of a DBA's job...Legislation affecting security requirements of data such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley demand tighter control over backup files...SQL Backup will ease these challenges. For a very reasonable price, you can use this software to decrease the backup file sizes and the amount of time it takes to back up your databases.

Kathi Kellenberger,

SQL Backup is simple to use, and most of its operations are self-explanatory... So how does SQL Backup perform in the real world when compared to SQL Server's native backup and restore capability?... From the above comparison you can observe how speedy SQL Backup operations are, and how much disk space you can save. Both attributes are great for the busy DBA.

Dinesh Asanka,

The compression ratio is extremely useful, as is the speed at which the backups can be created using the GUI. I now use this as my preferred SQL Server backup tool.

Andrew Sutton, vbCity
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