Fully verified SQL Server backups
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How SQL Backup Pro simplifies backups



  • Step-by-step wizards and a centralised GUI take the legwork out of creating, restoring, and verifying your backups.


  • Automate more than just taking backups, including backup verification, scheduled restores, and log shipping.


Network resilience

  • Protect against backups failing due to network outages.


  • Save storage space, speed up network file transfer, and get higher levels of compression than native SQL Server.



  • Secure your backups with up to 256-bit AES encryption, compressing them at the same time, even from an unencrypted database.


  • Let backups verify themselves. Schedule regular restores, and include an essential database integrity check (DBCC CHECKDB).

Backup, Restore, and Verify

Backup, restore, and verify: the three main features of any good backup strategy, made easier with SQL Backup Pro 7.

SQL Backup Pro 7 enables you to schedule backup jobs, taking faster, smaller, and more secure SQL Server database backups. It can also test backup files when they are created by including CHECKSUM and RESTORE VERIFYONLY.

Reminders alert you to set up regular backup verification using the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard. Populated with details from the backup job, the wizard also includes an optional database integrity check (DBCC CHECKDB) in the scheduled restore job to fully verify the backup. Version 7.7 now supports SQL Server 2014.

By automating backup verification, you'll gain peace of mind, and save time, hassle, and budget. Try it out yourself by downloading a free, 14-day trial and take advantage of full support throughout your evaluation.

Safeguard your backups in hosted storage

With SQL Backup Pro 7, you can quickly, simply, and securely upload and store a copy of your backups in the cloud, protecting your data from onsite disaster.

You'll need a Hosted Storage account, SQL Backup Pro 7, and that's it - we'll give you your first 5GB of storage free.

Part of the SQL DBA Bundle

With our full set of SQL Server database administration tools you can take care of backup and restore, performance monitoring and alerting, change management, and more.

I'm really seeing the benefits of using SQL Backup Pro over SQL Management Studio. It's a real time saver when it comes to automatically restoring and validating backups. And don't get me started on the compression! I'm able to replicate some quite large databases on 15 minute log shipping schedules over a VPN to our offsite backup server and barely see any bandwidth issues compared to transferring native uncompressed log backups.

Andy Doyle, Head of IT Services, Boston Limited

The main thing that I love about SQL Backup Pro is the fact it just works! There is no messing around, no hacking together, it just works as soon as you open the box. It's easy to use and extremely reliable.

One of my favourite features is the centralised management. No matter how many backup nodes you have, you can manage them all from one interface. It makes life so much easier.

Brendan Thompson, .NET developer and Systems Administrator, BT Systems

We wanted to standardise our backup regime and not have some backups taken using native SQL Server and some with SQL Backup Pro. Consistency is a good thing when you're managing lots of servers. Protecting the backups is important so the encryption built into SQL Backup Pro is solid. The password protection available in native SQL backups isn't really protection at all.

Brent McCracken, Technical Lead, Kiwibank DBA team
$995 per server
SQL Backup Pro is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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