Easily schedule a backup from SQL Azure to Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3


Azure and SQL Azure are great products but missing a key component for many business applications in the ability to perform database backups locally and into cloud storage. Important in case of data corruption where the SQL Azure redundancy won't help you, Red Gate have come to the party with an easy to use product that will do this and allow developers to sleep easy at night with the knowledge their database is safe and under their control.

Craig van Nieuwkerk, You'reOnTime

We have a few databases that are in SQL Azure. We need to back them up from time to time. Since there isn't an easy way to do this from SQL Azure itself, we have started using RedGate's SQL Azure Backup tool...I was able to quickly and easily connect and backup my databases from the cloud to my local machine.

TJay Belt, Database Administrator. Read the full review here.
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Easily schedule SQL Azure Backup to Azure blob or Amazon S3

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