Easily schedule a backup from SQL Azure to Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3

Azure costs

When you use SQL Azure Backup Microsoft charges you for:

  • Make backup transactionally consistent
    $0.33 per copy for a 1GB database

    Each use of CREATE AZURE COPY is charged as a full day's usage of that database.

  • Data transfer
    $0.15 per GB in North America and Europe

    Copying a SQL Azure database downloads its schema and data from Azure. This means you incur outgoing data charges.

  • Blob storage
    $0.14 per month per GB

    When exporting to a BACPAC file, you are charged for storing the file in blob storage.

The prices listed here are guidelines, you should see Microsoft's Azure Pricing Overview for up-to-date costs.

Prices correct as of 21 Nov 2011
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Easily schedule SQL Azure Backup to Azure blob or Amazon S3

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