Easily schedule a backup from SQL Azure to Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3

SQL Azure Backup - discontinued client tool

Backup and Restore in Azure

Microsoft's CTP Import/Export Service allows you to create a BACPAC backup in Azure Blob Storage of your SQL Azure Database. This service is free to use so you don't pay for the data transfer costs. Once the backup is complete, you can download or restore it from Blob storage.

Copy to SQL Server

SQL Azure Backup copies the schema and data from a SQL Azure database to a local instance of SQL Server. You can use a local copy to backup your data and develop against the latest content. SQL Azure Backup is powered by SQL Compare - the industry standard comparison and deployment tool.

For a step-by-step guide to how to use SQL Azure Backup read SQL Server MVP Grant Fritchey's article and for information on how to schedule SQL Azure Backup see Grant's other article.

We're working on the next version of SQL Azure Backup – if you'd like to be involved in Early Access Programmes please fill in our survey.

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Easily schedule SQL Azure Backup to Azure blob or Amazon S3

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