Easily schedule a backup from SQL Azure to Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3

SQL Azure Backup is now Cloud Services

I've stopped development and support for the client version of SQL Azure Backup in favour of a new hosted solution "Red Gate Cloud Services". This takes the features of SQL Azure Backup and puts them into a hosted solution so you can schedule backups using our service.

There's a free trial too, to get you going.

The old client tool product page can be found here.

Cloud Services

  • Backup
    Schedule backups of your SQL Azure databases to Azure blob storage or Amazon S3.
  • Synchronize
    Easily synchronize Azure containers to Amazon S3 buckets on a schedule.
  • Schedule
    Perform your operations at times of your choosing - daily, weekly or monthly.
Cloud Services
Easily schedule SQL Azure Backup to Azure blob or Amazon S3

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