Network resilience puts SQL Backup Pro at the top of the list of backup tools. It's the cherry on top, and I definitely recommend using SQL Backup over SQL Server 2008 native backups.

William Durkin, Development DBA, ROSEN Technology and Research Center

One of the first things I do every morning is check SQL Monitor. It now has a permanent place on our monitoring screens so we can see at an instance what our database servers and the databases themselves are doing. With future additions this tool will receive, it's just going to get better and better...

Timothy Walker, Systems and Database Administrator, EnergyQuote JHA

SQL Multi Script is great for targeting deployment and wrapping it up fast. Using SQL Multi Script is a no-brainer.

George Mariakis, Systems Architect, International SOS

I bless the day we bought SQL Compare - it saves me time so often. Must have paid for itself a hundred times

Bill Geake, Martin Currie Investment Management

We use SQL Data Compare daily and it has become an indispensable part of delivering our service to our customers. It has also streamlined our daily update process and cut back literally a good solid hour per day.

George Pantela, GPAnalysis.com

I'm a busy person. I get a lot done in a day. One of my secrets is using SQL Prompt. It reduces hours of coding to minutes; minutes to seconds. I would recommend it to anyone that writes SQL.

Jes Borland, Consultant, Brent Ozar PLF

What makes this product [SQL Doc] great in my opinion is its simplicity in use - I give this product a thumbs up and if you have a need for database documentation, then Red Gate has you covered.

Steven Swafford, AspAdvice.com
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