SQL DBA Bundle

Seven essential tools that support your core SQL Server database administration tasks


Backup and recovery

Protect your data with compressed, verified, encrypted backups, and ensure reliable restores with backup verification.


Performance monitoring

Monitor your servers in real time, get the SQL Server performance data and alerts that matter to your business, and improve server performance.


Change management

Get a simple, clear rundown of your schema and data changes, and sync database changes automatically.



Write SQL faster in SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio, share coding styles, and generate full product documentation in a couple of clicks.


Storage and capacity planning

Make the most of your storage space with four levels of backup compression. Monitor data growth easily, so you can plan how best to deal with it.

From $2,640

You save 45% on the cost of purchasing all 7 tools individually.

Due to the tasks they perform, some of our products are licensed per server, and some are licensed per user.

Your bundle automatically includes:

  • 1 server license for SQL Backup Pro, SQL Monitor, and SQL Multi Script
  • 1 user license for SQL Compare Standard, SQL Data Compare Standard, SQL Prompt, and SQL Doc

You can change the server or user licenses as needed, to suit your set up.

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Tools in the SQL DBA Bundle:

"The savings in terms of disk space usage and bandwidth usage are amazing. "

Andy Doyle, Head of IT at Boston Limited

Andy Doyle, the Head of IT at Boston Limited, tells us how the SQL DBA Bundle helped his team cope with the increasing demands of a globally expanding business.

We needed an easier way to manage our SQL Server database backups.

Log shipping to our remote site had a big effect on bandwidth usage during working hours. The native log backups weren't small, and transferring this data every 30 minutes was painful.

Within days of trialing SQL Backup Pro in our development environment, we purchased a couple of licenses and rolled it out to our production and off-site backup servers.

Since then, we've since upgraded to the SQL DBA Bundle.

With SQL Backup Pro the log file backups are now compressed to less than 500KB, and we've also reduced the interval between backups from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.

Even with this increased frequency, we don’t even notice that backups are taking place over the WAN now.

The savings in terms of disk space usage and bandwidth usage are amazing.

SQL Monitor has also been fantastic.

Immediately following installation, we were alerted that we had missed a number of databases from our backup schedules, and with SQL Backup Pro, we had that fixed in moments.

Without that monitoring in place, we may not have been aware of missed backups for a long time.

With the SQL DBA Bundle I can sleep easier at night and not worry about backups taking place or being verified, because I know that SQL Backup Pro and SQL Monitor will alert me to any failures or missed backups.

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