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Neil Davidson

When did you join Red Gate?

At the very beginning

What was your first ever job?

Working as a software developer for a small, now defunct, database company when I was 14.

Before you arrived at Red Gate what did you do?

I was working as a software developer and project manager for a company that made software for pubs.

What does your job involve on a day-to-day basis?

I spend most of my time talking with other people at Red Gate, finding out what's happening and seeing how I can help. Often this involves simply getting out of their way.

What do you like about being CEO at Red Gate?

The chance to work with smart, hardworking people who challenge me.

Complete the following sentence: I know everything there is to know about...

... very little.

What's your favourite book?

I don't have a single favourite book. I read plenty. I've just finished 'Savage Night' by Jim Thompson. It's definitely the best book I've read in a while.

What super power do you wish you had (or have but aren't telling anyone because that's the point of being super)?

Right now, I wish I had the power to answer questions with originality, wit and insight.

Why did you choose Red Gate?

I wanted to help create a place where I would want to work.

What are your favourite Red Gate perks?

I think the perks are secondary. It's the people, and the work, that make the difference, not the free lunches, massages, punting trips, barbeques, days out, cheese and wine tasting or even the feel good fridge.

What's your most memorable Red Gate experience so far?

A couple of years ago, after we'd hit a particular company-wide target, we told everybody at Red Gate to be in the car park at a certain time and date 'for an important, top-secret announcement'. We packed everybody onto buses we'd hired and drove them into town. Clearly some people were nervous, and a few rumours were flying around, but when we announced we had booked exclusive access to the Apple store for an hour and gave everybody a £300 voucher to spend, the buzz made it worth it.

What's your stance on Marmite?

Can't stand it.

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