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User Experience Designer

Ingeniously simple user experience is Red Gate's best competitive advantage. We're looking for experienced designers to make sure our products are as easy to use as possible.

It's an exciting time to be a designer at Red Gate. We're moving from desktop apps and WinForms to HTML5. Take a look at Source Control for Oracle to see what we mean.

Right now, our database delivery team is looking for a designer to create a suite of new tools for database administrators and make continuous integration of SQL databases easy. It's early days for the project, and there's still a lot to discover — it's like working for a startup without the risks.

You'll work with developers, technical authors, and product managers to define the user experience. You'll be responsible for identifying key user needs, prototyping new features, running usability tests, and iterating your designs based on feedback from the team and real users. You'll be the team's sole designer, so you'll need to be confident enough to push for great user experience while accommodating the team's other priorities.

We want to help our users solve their problems. If you can help us, we want to hear from you. To get a taste of what it's like being a User Experience Designer at Red Gate, check out our UX blog.

What makes you Red Gate's User Experience Designer?

What would really help?

What's the package?

Red Gate is the best place to work in Cambridge and the 17th best in the UK. Our users love us and usability is frequently given as the reason they chose a Red Gate tool. We want to be the place you do the best work of your life.

How to apply

Upload your CV and a portfolio of your work. The portfolio should include the thought process behind your completed design. If you’d like to talk to us first, get in touch with

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