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“When I first heard about what a technical writer does, I couldn't think of a better fit for me.

I love getting to the heart of complex technical concepts, and explaining them to other people in a way that makes them seem simple.

In this job, I'm part of a development team of fantastic people, working to make software that's as usable as possible.

It's challenging, and it never stops being interesting.”

Beth Aitman,
Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Are you great with words, and care deeply about the user experience?

We’re looking for a technical writer to join our Opportunities Division: someone with a passion for technology, who wants to be part of a fast-moving team developing brand new software.

You’ll be working on a suite of tools that are making Database Lifecycle Management a reality – helping organizations manage updates to their databases in a reliable and efficient manner.

You’ll work with Software Engineers, Testers, and UX Designers to build software that’s simple to use and easy to understand.

Every day will be different

One day you’ll be researching and planning user experiences and contributing to GUI design. Another, you’ll be writing and reviewing blog posts. The next you’ll be writing embedded help for user interfaces in the morning, and release notes in the afternoon.

You’ll be expected to play an active role in sprint planning and review meetings, and you’ll collaborate with technical writers and writers in other divisions to help us build outstanding software.

What makes you a Redgate Technical Writer?

Simple – you can explain complex, technical ideas in a way your target audience can understand, you learn to use new software quickly, and you’re genuinely interested in technology.

You also instinctively know good software design when you see it, and you find it easy to identify ways to improve user interfaces.

Being involved in, or passionately interested in, the software development environment, you thrive in a team and enjoy collaborating with all kinds of different people.

What experience do you have?

Ideally, you’ll have experience as a technical writer or author, or in a software development environment, and you can demonstrate great writing ability and a keen interest in design and technology.

You’ll probably have a strong academic background to at least degree level, or you’ll have lots of relevant experience and a compelling story.

We’re mainly looking for experienced writers, by the way, but if you’re a graduate with a strong application, we’ll definitely consider you.

What would help?

We’re looking for someone who’s talented with words, so any writing, editing or publishing experience, or skills in teaching or training, would really help.

As would knowledge of common web technologies, such as HTML and CSS, and a working understanding of a programming language.

If you’re familiar with database and .NET technologies, or you’re familiar with documenting Cloud or SaaS applications, so much the better.

What's the package?

  • You’ll work 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, with flexible hours.
  • Salary is £28k - £40k, depending on experience.
  • A great benefits package.
  • We’ll invest in you. We’ll give you all the tools and training you’ll need to excel and we’ll actively support your development.
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How to apply

If you’d like to be a Technical Writer at Redgate, we’d like to hear from you.

Write a letter and tell us in simple language why you’re right for the job, and why you’d like to work at Redgate.

Also include a CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Want an informal chat first?

If you want an informal chat first, why not talk to Beth, one of our Technical Writers?

She can answer any questions and tell you of her own user experience with Redgate.

Email her. She won’t mind.

Beth Aitman
Technical Writer

Apply for this job now

The Redgate Recruitment process

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

1st interview

Step 4

2nd interview

Step 5


Step 1
Step 1. Application

Step one is your application. So write a letter and upload it on the page for the job you’re interested in. Tell us about yourself, your skills and experience, and talk about why you’d like to work at Redgate. Include a CV, or a link to your LinkedIn page, and if you'd like to show some of your work, attach your portfolio or point us to Stack Overflow or GitHub.

Step 2
Step 2. Assessment

We’ll acknowledge your application straight away, review it and keep you updated on your progress. We might also email an assessment to complete, or invite you for a brief telephone interview. If we don’t think you’re suitable, we’ll inform you – and tell you why. We won’t let you down, we’ll try and help you.

Step 3
Step 3. 1st Interview

Step three is an interview in our Cambridge office. We’ll talk about your work history, your covering letter or video, and any assessments you’ve completed. You might also be asked to do some work-based tests and, if you’re applying for a technical role, expect technical questions – we love talking tech.

Step 4
Step 4. 2nd Interview

The second interview typically lasts two hours. You’ll be talking to different people, you may well meet people you’ll be working with, and we’ll allow time for you to ask questions. We don’t have a dress code at Redgate, by the way, so dress in whatever makes you comfortable.

Step 1
Step 5. Offer

If we think you’d be great at Redgate, we’ll make an offer and iron out any details like relocation issues. If we don’t think you’ll fit in right away, we’ll tell you why. Some people have taken our advice, boned up their knowledge and come back a year later and got a job. It helps.

This is our typical recruitment process, though for some roles it might be a bit different.

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