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Product Manager, Products Division

Product Managers at Red Gate come up with, and validate, new tools and features that improve our ingeniously simple software and make our customers even more awesome at what they do.

Our Product Managers have one foot firmly planted in software development, and the other in our commercial strategy. They feel a strong sense of responsibility for the commercial success of their products; to help achieve success they work closely with the development, marketing, and sales teams, and with other Product Managers from across the business. We’re now looking to hire one new person to this linchpin role.

The role needs someone with the technical and commercial experience to join a team working on several products – ranging from established market-leading products with a very large number of users, all the way to new products taking their first steps in the market. They’ll drive innovation and conduct research into future development, and whilst we aren't necessarily looking for specific experience in the SQL Server or .NET development domains, any such experience would be a benefit.

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