We created a great culture. You can contribute to it.

The culture at Redgate will challenge you to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. We'll give you the freedom and flexibility to excel at what you do, and you'll be working with bright people who are experts at what they do. So you'll learn from them and they'll learn from you.

Our office is open plan with low density seating, quiet areas and large meeting spaces. Whatever part of the company you work in, you'll be part of a small team that will encourage free and open discussions and the flow of ideas.

We do our best to avoid office politics and we all try to be reasonable with one another – decisions are taken on the best argument, and never based on who can shout the loudest. We avoid corporate treacle too. Everyone has clear tasks and responsibilities and we all work together to make the company a great place to work.

Quite simply, we expect the best from everyone at Redgate and in return you'll feel rewarded and valued. Company social events, team days out and the annual Redgate Day Out all contribute towards us having fun together.

Redgate is successful and profitable, with a range of award-winning products because, rather than focusing solely on profits or targets, we concentrate on doing the right thing for our customers.

Our philosophy is all about 'simple': products that are simple to understand and use, a website that makes it simple to find information, and business processes that make it simple to buy from us, supply to us and deal with us. Our recruitment process is simple too – just include a CV, or a link to your LinkedIn page, and if you'd like to show some of your work, attach your portfolio or point us to Stack Overflow or GitHub and we'll take it from there.

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“The Redgate culture means that you're trusted to get on and do the best work you can.”

Brian Tufnell, Project Manager

What makes our culture tick

Our passion

We're passionate about giving people the room, the resources, and the freedom to develop their careers, and do great work.

Our personality

If The Book of Redgate has any point at all (which is debatable), its purpose is to capture the mysterious essence of Redgate and present the 13 values we live by in a remarkably readable way.

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