The Book of Red Gate 2012

If the Book of Red Gate has any point at all (which is debatable), its purpose is to capture the mysterious essence of the Red Gate brand and present a flavour of it in book form. A soup├žon of our company, if you will.

If you'd like a hard copy, simply email us at

The Book of Red Gate 2012

Book of Red Gate decorative page How to Open Post-it Notes Testimonials about Red Gate's customer service and internal support Michelle's Not subscribing to your crazy cult sign Internal code names for Red Gate development projects Photos of the entire company from 2002-2010 The Ballad of the US Office Red Gate Clothing A list of things we like and don't like about Red Gate Meeting Pig Comic

The Book of Red Gate 2010

See where it all began with the original Book of Red Gate.

The Book of Red Gate 2010
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Book of Red Gate
Book of Red Gate Peek inside our company culture by reading the Book of Red Gate.

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