Redgate acquires .NET Reflector

Redgate maintains free version for community; seeks input from users on future improvements

CAMBRIDGE, UK, August 20, 2008 -- An agreement between Redgate and Lutz Roeder will place future development of .NET Reflector, the popular class browser for .NET developers, in the hands of Redgate. Redgate is maintaining a free version of the software for downloading.

"I'm happy to transfer .NET Reflector to Redgate for continued development," says Lutz Roeder, developer of the tool. "Redgate has lots of experience with similar projects and can put a full development team at work to move the tool forward."

Redgate's James Moore, who will oversee development of .NET Reflector, understands his responsibility to the .NET community and encourages suggestions on how to improve the software.

"Redgate developers use .NET Reflector all the time and we have the highest respect for what Lutz and the add-in writers have done," says Moore. "This is one of those rare tools that is very easy to use and works the way it should. Our commitment is to maintain an amazing free tool that will continue to benefit the community while seeking input from users on ways to make .NET Reflector even more valuable."

Redgate has a track record of investing in community assets and applying extensive internal resources to help them prosper. Two years ago, the company purchased the SQL Server Central community site, provided ongoing resources for infrastructure management, and allowed the site to retain its editorial independence.

For more on the agreement, please see the joint Lutz Roeder and James Moore interview:

About Redgate Software

Redgate Software makes ingeniously simple tools for Microsoft technology developers and DBAs.  The company's product line includes tools for testing, comparing, synchronizing, packaging, backing up and recovering SQL Server databases; understanding and fixing Visual Studio code problems to enable better performance; and profiling .NET web applications. Redgate is a silver sponsor for the Visual Studio 2005 launch and a Visual Studio Industry Partner.


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