Redgate roadmap

Upcoming releases

  1. SQL Compare & SQL Data Compare

    Support for Azure SQL Database V12.

  2. SQL Source Control 4

    Migrations support for any source control system. New Setup tab.

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  3. SQL Prompt

    Visual Studio 2015 support. Snippet improvements.

  4. DLM Dashboard

    Notifications when database schemas are changed in any environment. Deal with drift. See the changes and who made them. Track changes through your environments.

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  1. SQL Release

    Safe, automated production deployments for databases. Provides update scripts, change reports, & review steps.

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  1. Data Compare for Oracle

    Table mapping support

  2. Source Control for Oracle

    Working folder and Git support

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  3. All Oracle tools

    Bug fixes throughout the year

150 releases
so far

  1. SQL Prompt 6.5

    Tab coloring. ORDER BY/GROUP BY improvements. Import/export options. SQLCMD mode support.

  1. Source Control for Oracle

    Performance improvements.

834 releases

  1. SQL Compare & SQL Data Compare 11

    Full SQL Server 2014 support, including comparison and deployment of memory-optimized table types

  2. SQL Server 2014 support

    • SQL Source Control v3.6.0.3
    • SQL Prompt v6.2.0.241
    • SQL Dependency Tracker v2.8
    • SQL Backup v7.7
    • SQL Monitor v4.1
    • SQL Search v2
    • SQL Multi Script v1.1
    • SQL Test v1.5
    • SQL Comparison SDK v11
  3. SQL Doc 3

    New HTML formatting options for greater customization

    New UI with better navigation

    Include or exclude any section of any object from documentation

    Support for SQL Server 2014 & Windows Azure SQL Database

  4. SQL Data Generator 3

    Support for cross-column dependencies

    More realistic test data

    Improved foreign key support

  5. SQL CI

    Build and test your database on every commit. Synchronize a database to match the state in version control. Command line tools for any CI server. Plugins for TeamCity, TFS, and MSBuild.

  6. SQL Prompt 6.4

    Inserting semicolons, easily executing current statements, renaming variables and aliases.

  1. SQL Search 2

    Support for larger databases and result sets

    More flexible and customizable searching

    Performance improvements

  1. SQL Monitor 4

    Performance diagnostics, including detailed wait stat analysis

  1. ANTS Performance Profiler 9

    Deep integrated database profiling: see execution plans for SQL Server queries and stored procedures, as well as how they relate back to your .NET code.

  2. .NET Reflector 8.44

    Support for the Visual Studio 2014 CTP

  1. Schema Compare for Oracle

    Automatic rename column detection. Better command line support for CI. Ignore external table location. CREATE OR REPLACE scripting. Speed improvements. Improved Materialized View support. LDAP lookup and authentication.

  2. Data Compare for Oracle

    Data compare between views. Up to 100x speed improvement comparing date time columns. Option to include column names for inserts. LDAP lookup and authentication.

  3. Source Control for Oracle

    Object level filtering can now be configured and committed to source control. CREATE OR REPLACE scripting. UI performance improvements. Speed improvements. Improved Materialized View support. LDAP lookup and authentication. TFS2013 client and server support.

565 releases

  1. SQL Doc 3

    SQL Server 2012 support

    Greater level of documentation customization

  2. SQL Source Control 3.5

    Support for multiple SSMS instances

    Merge conflicted stored procedures

  3. SQL Prompt 6

    Tab History in SSMS

    SQL Azure and Win8 support

    Improved snippets with more placeholders

    Support for synonyms, CLR, and XML

  4. SQL Automation Pack

    Use Redgate tools for continuous integration on a build server

  5. SQL Source Control 3

    Support for every source control system

  6. SQL Packager 7

    SQL Server 2012 support

  1. SQL Backup Pro 7

    Cloud storage for database backups

  2. SQL Monitor 3

    Better time control navigation, email alert improvements, multiple metrics analysis, automatic baselines

  1. ANTS Performance Profiler 8

    Performance data for outgoing web requests

    Async and WinRT support

    Enhanced database profiling support (profile MySQL and PostgreSQL)

  2. ANTS Memory Profiler 8

    Profile unmanaged memory

  3. SmartAssembly 6

    Support for portable class libraries, very large assemblies, and further improvements for WPF

  1. Source Control for Oracle 1 & 2

    Connect Oracle schemas to Subversion or Team Foundation Server

    Lock objects on shared development databases

525 releases

  1. SQL Compare 10

    SQL Server 2012 support

    Rerunnable scripts – add object existence checks and recreate objects

    Remembers recently used servers

    Table mapping

    Create new databases straight from
    SQL Compare

    Specify transaction isolation level to work with linked servers

  2. SQL Data Compare 10

    SQL Server 2012 support

    Select a previous version of the database with static data from source control

    Remembers recently used servers

  3. SQL Comparison SDK 10

    SQL Server 2012 support

  4. SQL Source Control 3

    SQL Server 2012 support and performance enhancements

  5. SQL Connect

    Database source control inside Visual Studio

  6. SQL Test

    Unit testing inside SQL Server Management Studio

  1. SQL Backup Pro 7

    Scheduled restores

    Integrated DBCC CHECKDB

  2. SQL Monitor 3

    Access permissions

    Custom metrics feature and

  1. ANTS Performance Profiler 7

    SharePoint 2010 and IIS Express support

    Integrated decompilation

    Database call profiling

    HTTP request grouping

  2. ANTS Memory Profiler 7

    SharePoint 2010 and IIS Express support

  3. SmartAssembly 6

    Method parent obfuscation, Silverlight 5 support, better WPF obfuscation

  4. .NET Demon

    Build-as-you-type extension for Visual Studio

  1. Schema Compare for Oracle 2 & 3

    Command line version for continuous integration

    Export, compare, and sync databases with a scripts folder

  2. Data Compare for Oracle 2

    Command line version

    Improved comparison options

141 releases

  1. SQL Source Control 3,
    SQL Compare 10

    Migration scripts for custom deployments

  2. SQL Source Control 2

    Source control for static data

    Support for Vault, Mercurial, Perforce, and Git

  3. SQL Compare 9,
    SQL Data Compare 9

    Support for SQL Azure databases

  4. SQL Data Generator 2,
    SQL Doc 2,
    SQL Dependency Tracker 2

    Integration into SQL Server Management Studio

  1. SQL Backup Pro 6

    Numerous UI improvements

  2. SQL Monitor 2

    Maintenance windows

    New alerts

    Top 10 most expensive queries

  1. ANTS Memory Profiler 7

    Instance categorizer graph

    A new API

    Improved WPF support

  2. SmartAssembly 6

    Feature usage tracking and Windows Phone 7 error reporting

99 releases

  1. SQL Prompt 5

    Find invalid objects

    View column dependencies

    Smart renaming

  2. SQL Source Control

    Database source control in SQL Server Management Studio, using your existing version control system

  3. SQL Search

    Search inside SQL Server database schemas

  1. SQL Monitor 2

    Web-based performance monitoring and alerting

  1. ANTS Memory Profiler 6

    .NET 4 and Silverlight support

  1. Schema Compare for Oracle,
    Data Compare for Oracle

    Compare and deploy Oracle schemas and data