Redgate's relationship with Microsoft

Although we are probably the most prominent ISV (independent software vendor) in the SQL Server space, we're completely independent of Microsoft, and Microsoft has no equity or stake in Redgate. We do, however, have a very close relationship with people at Microsoft, due to the nature of our business, and this helps us to understand each other's technology.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner logo

Redgate Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP). Redgate was also chosen as a Microsoft Gold Visual Studio .NET launch partner.

"We've worked closely with Redgate to help them create new test cases. This relationship helps ensure compatibility between ANTS Profiler and Visual Studio 2005, and even greater performance for Redgate's current and future products."

John Montgomery, director in the .NET Developer Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp.

"Redgate has spent a lot of time building its complete line of SQL tools to optimize customer value when using SQL Server 2005 and Redgate solutions. We're excited that Redgate will be able to offer customers tighter integration in its current and future products, delivering additional value for SQL Server 2005 DBAs and developers."

Don Petersen, senior product manager of SQL Server at Microsoft Corp.

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