Welcome to the treasure trove of Redgate's free tools. These tools are absolutely free, no sign-up is required, but there's also no technical support. You can leave questions and comments for many of these tools on the Redgate Forum, under the discontinued or unsupported categories.

Data Cleanser

Data Cleanser is a free SSIS component that allows you to carry out common data cleansing tasks, such as: converting currencies, trimming strings, normalizing letter cases and data formats, finding and replacing text based on a regular expression. Download.

Diagnostic Tool

This is a small .NET application that can be used to collect useful system information. It can copy the data to the clipboard or a logfile ready to be emailed back to our Support team. It needs the .NET framework installed, and should be run locally from the computer to be 'diagnosed'. Open the zip archive and drag the executable file to the computer's desktop, then run it and follow the instructions! Download.

DTS Package Compare

Compare DTS Packages on SQL Server 2000 servers. Download.

Log Shipping Monitor

A tool for collating and summarising SQL Server Log Shipping activity. Download or Read more.

Maintenance Plan Conversion Wizard

A tool for converting existing SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Maintenance plans to utilize the functionality of SQL Backup. Download or Read more.

Multi Script List Manager

A small utility for moving and merging database lists from Redgate SQL Multi Script. Download.

Redgate ANTS Script Tester

A tool that lets you interactively run and view test scripts created by Redgate's ANTS Load software. Download.

Redgate Memory Tracker

A tool for analyzing application memory usage, including loaded libraries, system heap memory and .NET memory. Download.

Redgate Scream

A nifty little tool that allows you to compare snapshot files from SQL Compare. Download.

Redgate Snapper

SQL Snapper is a free utility that creates a SQL Compare schema snapshot of a SQL Server database. This snapshot can then be used as a database source in Redgate's SQL Compare.

You will find SQL Snapper useful when you have databases deployed at a customer's site, and you need to use SQL Compare to compare the schema of a remote databases with your reference database. If the remote database cannot be accessed from your machine, you can ask your customers to use SQL Snapper to create a SQL Compare snapshot of their database's schema, and send the snapshot file to you. You can then load the snapshot into SQL Compare, and generate the appropriate upgrade script for the customer.

You'll need to download and install SQL Compare to get the latest version, but you don’t need a SQL Compare license to use SQL Snapper. You can find full details in this blog post: https://www.simple-talk.com/blogs/2014/07/21/compare-those-hard-to-reach-servers-with-sql-snapper/.

SSAS Compare

A BI cube comparison tool that lets you review and deploy just the changes you want to SSAS databases. Download or read more.

SQL Backup to MTF Converter

A GUI for the sqb2mtf.exe utility to convert backup files created by SQL Backup into native SQL Server backup files. Download.

SQL Log Rescue

Log analysis and undo for SQL Server 2000. Read more.