Getting started with the Deployment Manager SSMS add-in

You can use Deployment Manager SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in to create and publish database packages. You can then use Deployment Manager to deploy database packages to target SQL Servers.

Installing the add-in

To install the add-in, download and run the installer and follow the instructions.

Once the installation is complete, the add-in is available to use in SSMS.

Using the add-in

  1. In the SSMS Object Explorer, right-click the database you want to package, and click Publish <database name> for deployment:

    The Deployment Manager SSMS Plugin in the SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer
  2. On the first page of the wizard, specify the URL for your Deployment Manager server (the URL you use to view the web interface, for example: http://server-name:82), and the API key for your user account. How to find your API key
  3. On the Package Details page, specify a name and version number for the package you want to create.
  4. Under Package feed to publish to, specify the feed you want to publish the package to. You can select from the list of feeds that have been added to Deployment Manager. Learn how to add a package feed to Deployment Manager. If your package feed requires an API key, you must specify it.

    When the package has been successfully published, the SQL Compare.exe and sqlCI.exe commands used to publish the package are displayed. You can use these commands if you want to automate creating and publishing packages. For more information, see:

Deploying a package with Deployment Manager

Now that you've published a database package, you can create a project and deploy it using the Deployment Manager web interface or command line. Learn more about creating database projects and deploying releases.


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