Deployment Manager

Release management tool for SQL Server,
SQL Azure, and .NET apps

The Starter Edition is completely free for up to 5 projects and agents. The easiest way to get started with continuous delivery.

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Shared deployment dashboard

Reliable, repeatable deployments

  • Deploy SQL Server and SQL Azure database releases together with IIS applications
  • See which version of your software is running on each environment, from a central dashboard
  • Speed up your deployment process
  • Deploy to local, remote, and cloud-based services
  • Use with or without continuous integration

Need more projects or deployment targets?

The Professional and Enterprise Editions give you more projects or deployment targets, pricing starts at $995.

"Our old deployment process was cumbersome and stressful – now it's almost fun."

Mattias Geigant, Developer, BEAB

Mattias Geigant, a developer at Swedish firm BEAB, tells us how Deployment Manager saved them from a painful, manual deployment process.

We've contemplated moving away from a predominantly manual, and therefore very error-prone, deployment process for quite some time. After evaluating Red Gate's new product, Deployment Manager, and realizing its potential, we decided to go ahead and buy it.

Currently, we are in the process of applying it to our deployment routine. We've also started using TeamCity for automatic builds.

We've started slow by using it to deploy updates to our test servers, and it's been smooth sailing so far. Our old deployment process was cumbersome and stressful - now it's almost fun to deploy applications!

Soon we'll let DM take over the responsibility for the production environment as well.

Recently, we had to install an urgent bug fix on the production server. Under the circumstances, we decided to concentrate on the bug fix and just use the old deployment process.

And boy, was it a return to the bad old days! We had some familiar frustrations along the way: "But this runs on my development box - what's wrong with the freaking server? Oh, did I miss THAT step in the routine?"

Needless to say, at that point I really missed Deployment Manager.

After this unpleasant reminder of the trials of the past, we'll finish moving to the new deployment routine - using Deployment Manager as its backbone - as soon as possible!

No more stressful deployments!

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    • Repeatable deployments

      Each component of your application is built into a package, which can then be used to deploy consistently to multiple environments.

    • Shared deployment dashboard

      The web UI provides a central system for your team. See what versions are deployed where, which deployments have failed, and more.

    • Deploy any app component

      Native support for SQL Server and SQL Azure databases, ASP.NET apps, and services. You can also use custom PowerShell scripts.

    • Configure your deployments

      Customize the way your projects are deployed to each dev, test, and production environment with project variables.

    • Fine-grained permissions

      Control who can deploy to each environment, and mask variables that contain sensitive data such as passwords.

    • Deploy anywhere

      Deploy to machines in the Cloud, on premise, in a data center, or on a customer site. Web farms are supported too.

Deploy database and application releases in one tool

Deployment Manager simplifies the process of deploying SQL Server and SQL Azure databases, together with IIS applications, to multiple environments.

From one tool, you and your team can use Deployment Manager to create packages containing all the files needed to create and deploy your application and/or database. Deployment Manager stores your packages in a package feed.

When you're ready to deploy, Deployment Manager sends the packages to your chosen environment, such as development, testing, staging, or production. The Deployment Manager agent then extracts and deploys the contents of the packages on the target machines.

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