Communities, Learning, and Events

We think being part of a community is pretty important, invaluable even.

So whether you want to find a local user group, join an online community,
or immerse yourself in a book, we're here to help.


See which industry events, big and small, Redgate is attending or supporting, and get information about how you can join us and the community.

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User Groups

Discover the benefits of connecting with people who share your interest in SQL Server or.NET development.

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Websites & Newsletters

Check out Redgate's online community sites — packed full of articles and useful information about SQL Server, .NET, Oracle, and Systems Administration.

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If you need to learn a new technology fast, one of the best ways to get skilled up quickly is with a book.

We now publish in all the current reading formats, including PDF, iPad, Kindle, and cellulose editions.

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Friends of Redgate

The Friends of Redgate program is aimed at active and influential community members, as well as SQL & .NET MVPs, who are experts and gurus in their respective fields. They play a key role in evaluating our tools, writing articles, and speaking on our behalf at events.

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