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Clone SQL Server databases in seconds and save up to 99% disk space

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SQL Toolbelt

The industry-standard tools for SQL Server development & deployment

SQL Toolbelt

Redgate Data Tools

Extend DevOps processes to SQL Server databases in Visual Studio 2017

SQL Compare

Compare SQL Server schemas and deploy differences fast

Comparing schemas in SQL Compare

From the 91% of the Fortune 100 to Honeybaked Ham, Redgate's products help 804,745 users improve productivity, protect their data, & become more agile

SQL Compare

Compare SQL Server schemas and deploy differences fast

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SQL Data Compare

Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database contents

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SQL Source Control

Connect your database to your version control system

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SQL Prompt

Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly

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SQL Monitor

Real-time SQL Server performance monitoring with alerts and diagnostics

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DLM Automation

Automate your database changes with CI and automated deployment

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SQL Backup Pro

Compresses, strengthens, and encrypts backups

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DLM Dashboard

Free: Be the first to know when any of your database schemas change

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Migrate through schema versions with ordered scripts in Visual Studio

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SQL Search

Free: Search for SQL in seconds

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SQL Clone

Create SQL Server database copies in an instant

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Even more SQL tools

See all our SQL Server tools, and find tools for .NET, Oracle and MySQL.

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SQL Toolbelt

Improve productivity, protect your data, and become more agile.

With industry-standard tools for SQL Server development & deployment, you’ll have everything you need to work with and manage SQL Server - all in one package

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ANTS Performance Profiler

Profile and boost the performance of your .NET applications

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ANTS Memory Profiler

Profile .NET application memory usage

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.NET Reflector

Browse, analyze, decompile, and debug .NET code

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Obfuscation and automated error reporting

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.NET Developer Bundle

Optimize code performance and memory usage, with this bundle containing:

  • ANTS Performance Profiler
  • ANTS Memory Profiler
  • .NET Reflector VS Pro

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Data Platform Studio

Migrate and manage data across the Microsoft Data Platform

Introducing Data Platform Studio, a new platform from Redgate designed from the ground up to help you migrate and manage your data, wherever you choose to store it. From your on-premise Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft Azure, Data Platform Studio provides all the control you need to ensure you're in control of your data.

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Bring DevOps to your database

“...we're managing to release up to 95 times a day. It's vastly improved over one release every six weeks.”

Ryan Crawford, Technical Manager, Skyscanner

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