11 ways to celebrate a birthday

Another year flies by and Red Gate reaches the grand old age of 11. Here’s what we got up to on our big day:

  1. At the crack of dawn we decorated the office. Cara on Reception was then wished a happy birthday by visitors to Red Gate towers for the rest of the day – a nice added bonus.


  2. In the morning Chris our resident chef made us a cake. A huge one. Well, there are almost 200 of us these days.


  3. At lunchtime we wracked our brains in the 1999 general knowledge quiz. Congratulations to Liam from the DBA team who won a bottle of Moet in a tense tie breaker challenge with Linda from Product Support. Who knew that the world record for hula hooping was only 83 hoops?


  4. After lunch we sneaked rows of goodie bags into the SQL Servery (in more or less) alphabetical order.


  5. Meanwhile, plans were being laid for our annual company photo by Dom, our awesome photographer who bravely balanced his camera over the top of our balcony.


  6. We lined up to spell out “Red Gate” in our office lobby. A bit of a tight squeeze but we pulled it off.


  7. No Red Gate celebration is complete without a champagne toast, so it was over to Simon to say a few words.


  8. Then we opened our goodie bags. Presents!


  9. A personalised t-shirt for everyone in, you’ve guessed it, red.


  10. Finally we polished off the cake and champagne.


  11. Later that night Dom unveiled a surprise video of our photoshoot.

Another great day at Red Gate. Here’s to another great year!