Vinod Satapara

Vinod is the Technical Director, iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. Technocrat and entrepreneur with years of experience building large scale enterprise web, cloud and mobile applications using latest technologies like ASP.NET, CORE, .NET MVC, Angular and Blockchain. Keen interest in addressing business problems using latest technologies and help organization to achieve goals.

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06 July 2021
06 July 2021

How to Combine Script Files using ScriptBundle in ASP.NET MVC

Introduction MVC 4 introduced request bundling and minification techniques to reduce request load time. Bundling allows us to request a collection of static files from the server in one HTTP request. Bundling The technique of bundling is shown in the diagram below: Source – Loading script files in separate requests In the namespace System.web.Optimization, MVC … Read more