Siddharth Rao

Siddharth Rao is a Staff Software Engineer and a Technical lead in the Revenue Product Organization at Twitter, Inc. He's led several teams at Twitter that work across their ads stack. As a technical lead, Siddharth's job is to define the technical strategy of the teams he's leading, mentor and grow engineers, and engineer and design products used by advertisers and consumers across the globe. The teams he has led and the products they have have built channels 70% of Twitter’s 2 Billion dollars revenue, enabling advertisers to create ad campaigns, manage their creatives, and optimize and report to grow their own businesses. In addition, he was also a technical lead for redesigning Twitter's AdServing architecture and led the team to redefine how Twitter stores and retrieves Ad Impression data for all of its ads analytics. Furthermore, he led the development of, Twitter’s Ads Transparency Center, which was focused on providing transparency around all political and electioneering ads for United States Elections and elections across the globe. Furthermore, he has led the team that builds and develops, building APIs and interfaces that are used by advertising companies and agencies all over the world to create Ad Campaigns and grow their businesses. Siddharth is also regularly invited at engineering events across the United States and world as a Judge for prestigious collegiate hackathons, and engineering and web products competitions. He is often invited to write and interview for technical publications around the world on matters of web technology, API systems, and products. He holds a bachelor's degree from University of Washington, Seattle.

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