Rob Garrison

Rob Garrison is a Data Architect for Nike in Beaverton, Oregon. He has over twenty years of IT experience, as well as having had a number of articles published and speaking regularly at user groups and other events. His immediate family includes his wife, Karen, and his son Tanner. Outside of work, much of their time is spent in activities and service projects involving their church (

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25 June 2013
25 June 2013

Exploring In-memory OLTP Engine (Hekaton) in SQL Server 2014 CTP1

The continuing drop in the price of memory has made fast in-memory OLTP increasingly viable. SQL Server 2014 allows you to migrate the most-used tables in an existing database to memory-optimised 'Hekaton' technology, but how you balance between disk tables and in-memory tables for optimum performance requires judgement and experiment. What is this technology, and how can you exploit it? Rob Garrison explains.… Read more