Julian Skinner

Julian Skinner is a freelance C# programmer and technical author. He studied Germanic etymology to PhD level before learning computer programming while working first for Wrox Press and then for Apress. He is a co-author of The Programmer's Guide to SQL, Pro SQL Server 2005 and Pro SQL Server 2005 Assemblies. You can contact him through his website at http://www.JulianSkinner.com.

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19 June 2006
19 June 2006

Asynchronous processing in .NET part 1: fundamentals

In Windows Forms applications, we often need to perform some complex processing in the background, while still continuing with other tasks, such as monitoring user input and updating the user interface. For example, if you think of a web browser, it fetches and renders a web page without the main form hanging, so we can still press the Stop or Back buttons without waiting for the current page to load. This is achieved through asynchronous processing; that is, processing that takes advantage of Windows' multi-threading abilities to perform (as it appears to the user) two tasks at the same time.… Read more