Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz

Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz are the authors of Programming .NET 3.0 , now available in Rough Cuts version from O'Reilly. The president of Liberty Associates, Inc and a Microsoft MVP, Jesse Liberty is the author of the international best-selling Programming C#, Programming VB 2005, Programming ASP.NET and numerous other books, including the forthcoming Programming .NET 3. He has written dozens of articles for leading industry publications and has been a featured or keynote speaker at international industry events. Jesse’s biography is listed on He maintains a technical blog , and a free private forum on which he provides support for all his writing. Alex Horovitz spent time at both NeXT Computer and Apple in the 1990s. Currently he provides software engineering leadership and programming to clients seeking to develop enterprise applications leveraging the Model-View-Controller design pattern and re-usable Frameworks.