Grzegorz Strzelecki

Grzegorz works in Objectivity as a developers guild master and technical architect to support projects and development teams. In doing so, he tackles a range of tasks from delivering quality software for their customers to building a team of competent and engaged developers across the whole organisation. Grzegorz has an MSc in Computer Science, and has worked as a developer for Siemens, IT-Dev and Microsoft, delivering software for the midland enterprise market, using a wide range of Microsoft technologies and frameworks. At Objectivty, he has, as a Technical Architect, focussed mostly on the design and integration aspects of the systems within enterprise domain. Recently, he has also had the interesting challenge of adopting the role as a developers guild master taking care of a team competences and its motivation.

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15 October 2014
15 October 2014

The Role of the Technical Architect in Development

What do Technical Architects (TAs) actually do when in a development role? Are they just senior developers 'pushed upstairs' into a management role? Is there a clear distinction between a TA and a product, or project, manager? In an increasingly automated and joined up development environment, the role is important, varied and wide-ranging; as Grzegorz Strzelecki explains… Read more