Dan McClain

Dan is currently the DBA for GatewayEDI in St.Louis, one of the nation's fastest growing heathcare EDI providers, although he recently spent a year with Monsanto as a consultant, standardizing, consolidating and re-architecting SQL Server enviroments to implement high availability intrastructures. His previous Fortune 500 experience was technical lead for the SQL Server team at Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis. 2008 winner of the Exceptional DBA of the Year Award, Dan spends his day overseeing the health and performance of more than 4,000 databases on 300+ SQL servers.

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02 March 2009
02 March 2009

How to Get Management Buy-In for Software purchases

There is a good chance that the process of purchasing software or hardware in your organization involves several people. DBAs will often initiate a request, but are not normally trained in the arts of influencing the management decision process to ensure that essentials get purchased. It is becoming essential to understand how to get Management support for software purchases. Dan offers nuggets of wisdom.… Read more