Boris Novikov

Boris is a database expert. His experience includes several decades of both industrial and academic activities such as design, development, and tuning database, teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, leading post-graduate research groups and advising dozens of PhD students. His research interests are in the broad area of information management and include design, development, and tuning of databases, applications, and database management systems (DBMSs). He also has interests in distributed scalable systems for stream processing and analytics. Boris is an author of 4 books and over 150 research papers.

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27 December 2023
27 December 2023

Eager Aggregation in SQL queries

Aggregation is a widely used way to summarize the content of a database. It is usually expressed with GROUP BY clause or just using aggregate functions (like COUNT or SUM). When the database engine executes a query with aggregations, it produces individual rows need to compute the required output and then performs the aggregation as … Read more