Alfonso Hernandez

I'm a Software Engineer from the Dominican Republic. When I was younger, I used to watch maths videos before going to sleep each night; everyone considers that as a weird habit, but to be honest, I really enjoyed - and actually still do! I have two main hobbies, the first of which is reading about technology, such as programming languages, database, software applications, and so on. The other hobby is spending my nights playing retro video games. I also really like working with data, especially using tools to explore it - SQL is my favorite. I consider myself as a curious person, who really wants to share his knowledge with others and contribute to the technology community.

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14 November 2017
14 November 2017

Summarizing Data Using the GROUPING SETS Operator

Writing aggregate queries is one of the most important tasks for anyone working with T-SQL. Determining the expressions required in the GROUP BY clause is not that difficult, but what do you do if you need to include different combinations of group by expressions in the same result set? Alfonso demonstrates how to use the GROUPING SETS operator to accomplish this task.… Read more